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Welcome To Ayurved Research Foundation

You're most welcome to visit our website, Ayurved Research Foundation! You are now about to discover the power of those remedies that are herbal in nature. You shall soon be glad of reaching us online. Guess why? Our straight forward approach of serving our consumers with wide range of herbal products, be it for general, men or women health concerns, proves that we are entirely genuine in dealing with your wellbeing. First and foremost fact is we choose herbal ingredients that are completely plant-based and are well-known for their positive effects upon an individual's health. These types of natural supplements can significantly help in recovering from whatsoever issue you currently are facing.

Secondly, all of our natural products are GMP certified that prove to be of finest quality without any doubt. We have currently over 100 herbal products that are strictly manufactured under the supervision of Ayurveda experts from the phase of blending the raw materials till the whole of packaging thing. The ratio in which each of the ingredients is combined is watchfully done with a continual testing. This literally ensures that one would never fail to get the results, though the time period might vary as per your current circumstance. You won't be caught as a prey of withdrawal effects after the completion of the course as well. So, happy consuming and be in the best of your health with Ayurved Research Foundation!

Why Purchase ARF Products?


Mayra JonesReally effective product it has been proved for my grandpa. He is 70 plus in age and used to complain a lot about his osteoarthritis. Orthoxil really has made his life much easier.
Mayra Jones, Australia
Frank Moore I think if I start writing my experience that would take whole of the document to get filled with my words. With just one word I would like to describe No Fall and that is Excellent!
Frank Moore, United States
Stella BrownInstaSlim is the first product that actually worked to reduce pounds from my heavy body. Don't know if it works for everyone but it did for me at least.
Stella Brown, New Zealand
My body is perfectly in shape currently all becauseAnthony Buchanan of your FitOFat capsules! You rock in terms of increasing the body weight and maintaining a perfect shape.
Anthony Buchanan, Canada

We are extremely delighted by the appreciations and feedbacks we receive from our valued customers. We heartily want to thank them for giving us precious time to let us know what they think about our products and services. Their recognition makes us more confident expanding our business and serve them better.


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Safeguarding your sensitive information is utmost important for us and this is why our website is designed in such a way that would never let us or any third party retrieve it in anyway. Its 128 bit SSL technology ensures this.


We ship our products to all countries in the world. This proves that we have such a wide network and so you can be rest assured of getting any product you want. Just make sure your countrys customs allow you to buy the herbal products.


All products are cautiously sent with discreet correspondence. We always make sure that our consumers feel protected, comfortable and confident in purchasing with us. We are hence careful for carrying out this.

30 Days
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We know that our products really work and so we have an offer of 30 days money back guarantee. Try our products for one or two weeks and return them to us if you are still left with the dissatisfaction.

Increasing Popularity of Ayurveda

Due to the increasing popularity of Ayurveda all over the world, the demand for Ayurvedic products and natural herbal remedies has increased. Ayurveda, the science of life, is the oldest recognized form of healing system with time tested principles and remedies. It improves condition of a sufferer by improving overall balance in personality. Human body is a combination of mind, body and soul, Ayurvedic supplements help to maintain balance between these important elements. Natural herbal remedies promote feeling of general wellbeing in sufferer by bringing all three aspects of personality in balance and enhancing their harmony.

Many people get confused between treatment and cure, Ayurveda is better than other medications because it provides cure. This system of medicine has been in practice since more than 3000 years and in India which is a country of over billion people even today 70% of its population practice Ayurveda to stay healthy and cure diseases or ailments. The basis of Ayurveda is, to cure any disorder or disease to make people physically, mentally and psychologically sound and healthy. This system of medicine believes in enhancing bodies overall natural self rather than just curing the symptoms of the problem. This is why effects of ayurvedic supplements or products last longer and work without causing any side effects.

Herbal Remedies and Ayurvedic Supplements

Herbal products suggested by Ayurveda are much inexpensive compared to other systems of medicine, these can be taken for longer duration as these are free of side effects and also go light on one's pocket. These are very useful for young and growing girls and boys to develop strong immunity and enduring physical and mental health. Ayurvedic supplements are made by using herbs, flowers, plant extracts and fruits. Deep study of all the effects of a certain herb or extract has been described in this system and also how different herbs or natural agents work in combination with one another has also been detailed. It is because of this exhaustive wisdom and knowledge about effects of natural herbal remedies Ayurveda provides safe, highly effective and completely free of side effects cure to treat health problems.

Ayurveda provides natural herbal remedies which encourage human body's internal system to eradicate the cause of the disease from its root and also stop its reoccurrence. Ayurveda supplements are taken even by healthy individuals so that body stays protected and healthy, Ayurvedic supplements are wonderful for those individuals too who are prone to suffer with any particular health problem.

Herbal Remedies, Ayurvedic Supplements