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Manufacturer and Exporter of Herbal Products

Manufacturer and Exporter of Herbal Products

Ayurved Research Foundation, the term itself defines as a research based manufacturing firm in the field of Ayurveda that offers a wide range of herbal products capable to treat a number of health concerns. Established in 2005, this firm manufactures the largest range of ayurvedic products in the world.

It is world's one of the finest companies that has re-collected the knowledge of Ayurveda by referring to ancient ayurvedic texts being conserved 5000 years ago by our ancestors. Now, this preserved knowledge is revised so that modern researchers use these to form a well formulated herbal supplements, oils, gels, tablets, creams and much more by adding latest manufacturing technologies.

The company's key objective is to bring Ayurveda for the welfare of the society, so that everyone gets the maximum benefits out of it. Each of the products being prepared consists of pure plant-based extracts that are cautiously blended together in a well proportionate and time-tested manner. This ensures that the person using them never experiences the side effects on the surface. Due to this, the company has touched greater heights worldwide by providing wonderful herbal products to its consumers and it has been receiving positive reviews since by the time it started its business. The firm emphasizes greatly on the selection of right type of herbs and raw materials so that no compromise is being made in terms of the products' quality.

The increase in the demands of herbal products proves that Ayurved Research Foundation is not aimed to earning profits but rather a platform that serves the mankind to fullest and believes in long-term manufacturer-consumer bonding. One can easily find the positive feedbacks on the internet from those who have had experienced the use of these ayurvedic products and are more than satisfied with the results they received.

Ayurved Research Foundation has modern and scientifically designed campus with the latest pharmaceutical machinery and highly qualified ayurvedic experts who have years of experience in this field. Every herb is tested in a modern well equipped quality control lab ensuring the use of modern technology. Our goal is to assure our each and every consumer with Highest Standard of Customer Service. If our customers are contented, we are happy. Our pledge to excellence is easily seen in our immeasurable reviews, testimonials and feedbacks.

We are successfully certified by various National and International authorization units like ISO 9001-2000, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and Good Product Packing (GPP). We are also delighted to state that Ayurved Research Foundation has launched itself into a high class infrastructure with a high standard of herbal formulations and production. Today, the wide range of herbal supplements offered by us has succeeded in winning the hearts of our consumers. They wholeheartedly support our products.

Quick dispatch and shipping of your order and unbeatable after sales care implies that you can BUY ANYTHING WITH CONFIDENCE. We are proud of ourselves on the quality of our goods and services we serve to our customers. Please write to us if you have any doubt.

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What we offer?

We provide an expanded range of natural dietary pills for men and women to increase strength, stamina, and performance. These supplements boost vigor and vitality, avert early aging, strengthen immunity of the body, and amplify energy level to allow users be fit, healthy and active. These pills if used for long-term help both men and women perform better in every aspect in their life. These capsules are indeed complete health enhancers that work at optimum level.

Our wide ranging products include natural skincare products, blood purifiers, libido enhancer supplements, anti-aging products, herbal supplements for strength, vigor and vitality, and many more to list.

Ayurved Research Foundation offers finest quality herbal supplements for bones and joint health. We have an array of Ayurvedic capsules and oils for arthritis, joint pain, back pain, muscle sprains, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, hip pain, neck pain, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, etc.

Some of our well-known herbal supplements in this segment are Rumatone Gold capsules and oil, Rumoxil capsules and oil, Orthoxil capsules and oil, Rumacure capsules and oil, Orthoxil Plus capsules and oil, Rumatone capsules and oil. These products are made by carefully selecting the best quality anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs in right proportions.
We also have uniquely formulated herbal anti-obesity pills, natural slimming capsules and appetite suppressant pills that are highly beneficial in maintaining ideal weight. These weight loss supplements not only boost body metabolism, control hunger and stimulate fat burning process but they also provide the much needed nutritional support to the body to prevent starving and to help in following daily exercise regimen.

We continually launch new products and strive hard to assist the biggest range of health products in order to meet your daily requirements. We are glad to provide superior quality herbal supplements being developed to perk up your health, fitness and many phases of your life.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    We are aiming beyond making profitable business. We attempt with enthusiasm to make general public conscious of natural heath care and to fortify the global inclination towards herbal remedies.

    We are committed totally to -

    • Offer quality products at lowest possible price
    • Ship orders either on the same or next working day
    • Respond to all emails within 2 business days
  • Our Vision

    The company was started in 2005 with a clear vision to spread Ayurveda, an ancient system of natural healing. The company got worldwide acknowledgment and success with the innovative approach and continuous efforts of our experienced management team, ayurvedic experts and technical professionals.

    ARF is fully devoted to improve your quality of life by providing the finest quality herbal healthcare products. We firmly believe that the best quality product is the only way to survive in the market. In pursuant of our mission and vision, we embrace change, we strive for continuous improvement across different departments of the organisation.
  • Our Strategy

    Our planet is a rich source of life giving properties for wellbeing and good health. With this as our objective, our team of expert professionals and Ayurvedic doctors has created a network of websites with a sole purpose to enlighten people with the amazing healing power of nature. Our website AyurvedResearch.com is a one-stop resource of Ayurveda and natural remedies.

    We at ARF have brought in a unique amalgamation of our traditional knowledge and modern technology as a research driven organization, wherein every product is validated for its Effectiveness, Safety and Consistency. Our aim is to bring health and happiness to everyday life.


Ayurved Research Foundation is a well established herbal company engaged in research and manufacturing of Ayurvedic supplements and natural healthcare products on a large scale.

Several factors that make us the preferred choice amongst other companies are large product line, unique herbal formulations, economical prices, and discreet and timely product delivery.

Our company honestly maintains its quality conscious approach; excellence is our identity which leads to be our USP. The complete range offered by us has successfully gained massive attention in the global market.

Some of our strengths include -

  • Equipped with latest technology based manufacturing unit.
  • Unparalleled quality and effectiveness of our products.
  • 100% natural products with no side effects.

Why ARF Products?