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Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Supplements and Herbal Products

Ayurveda is a form of traditional medicine which is native to India and has old roots from about 3000 years. Even today major population of India believes and utilizes benefit of this age-old medication system and prefers it over other systems of medicine. Ayurveda states that every human has five basic elements which build physical form of body; these are Fire, Water, Aether, Air and Earth. These five basic elements are universally same in proportion and ratio in every human body. The difference between individuals which make each of them unique occurs due to difference in proportion and balance of Dhatus and Doshas.

According to Ayurveda there are seven Dhatus or basic tissues, which are Rasa (Plasma), Majja (Marrow), Rakta (Blood), Asthi (Bone), Mamsa (Muscles), Meda (Fat) and Shukra (Semen). These seven Dhatus or basic tissues of human body describe and determine physical composition, endurance, strength and size of an individual by presenting themselves in different proportions and ratios. There are three Doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha, balance of these three Doshas in human body is vital for health. Balance and harmony of these three Doshas determine a person's health and behavior. If these are balanced, person stays healthy but if these are imbalanced person is unhealthy. The combination of these three Doshas also determines how a person is going to react to the environmental changes.

Ayurveda describes different substances on the basis of their basic characteristics and qualities. This description is available in the form of 10 pairs of antonyms like cold-hot, unctuous-dry, dull-sharp, stable-mobile, minute-gross, non-slimy-slimy, smooth-coarse, hard-soft, heavy-light and viscous-liquid. This system of medicine also describes Srotas or channels in the body which host fluid mobility and blockages or obstructions in the Srotas which are source of diseases. To open blocked Srotas Ayurveda recommends massages and therapies.

This system of medicine suggests use of herbs and spices to cure health issues and bring back healthy balance of three dashes. It recommends use of massage and therapies and sometimes along with use of herbs and spices to eradicate problems caused by imbalance or disproportionate Dhatus. The basis of this system of medicine is that body's mechanism shall be enhanced naturally and its natural self shall be maintained to lead a disease-free life and also to cure diseases. Yoga is also a part of Ayurveda which invigorates one's physical and mental capacities.

Everyone is born with some innate qualities and weaknesses. Yoga and Ayurveda can further enhance one's qualities and remove weaknesses, Yoga poses and exercises are excellent for keeping entire musculoskeletal system sound, powerful and fit, and also to maintain weight and shape of the body. Many patients are advised to perform Yoga pose or exercise along with Ayurvedic products to eradicate health issue or to gain permanent protection against any health problem.

Stress has direct links with many diseases and disorders, some people suffer with stress due to poor physical health and some due to fragile mental fitness. Any medicine which improves just physical energy or mental alertness can provide relief but cannot resolve the problem. Ayurveda by providing natural herbal remedies, suggesting dietary changes according to person's health and needs and making lifestyle changes eradicate causes of stress completely and make one capable of handling pressure on its own.

Body cleansing techniques described in Ayurveda are highly beneficial, not only for patients but also for healthy individuals who want to stay healthy and fit. The day an infant is born external environment, food, air and water all start contaminating mind and body, this continues till one breathes last. Timely and regular purification of mind and body enhances human personality and also improves quality of life and longevity. Some techniques described in Ayurveda are for cleansing particular organs like kidneys, liver etc. while some are for complete body. Few cleansing methods target complete body and mind of a human and not only flush toxins and poisonous substances out of body but also strengthen attributes like patience, forbearance, trust, faith and self-confidence which are vital for leading calm and peaceful life.

Advantages of Using Herbal Products

In recent studies and researches health experts have discovered that today's popular system of medicine has severe and varied side effects, such treatment at the best can provide relief from symptoms of the problem but exposes a person to wide range of other type of health risks. On the other hand Ayurvedic supplements and herbal products recommended by Ayurveda are in compliance with natural self of human body and are completely free of side effects. People taking treatments through Ayurvedic supplements or herbal products were able to gain long-lasting cure and were having much higher feeling of wellbeing compared to those patients who have taken treatment through other system of medicine.

Ayurvedic supplements focus on enhancing entire functioning of body's mechanism. These products cast all-round effects and also pin-point the problem which provides safe cure and also very effective prevention of the problem in future. Ayurvedic supplements ensure that Srotas or channels are clear and healthy, three Doshas remain in proper balance and all seven Dhatus or basic tissues are healthy and pure to make a person physically and mentally fit.

Toxins in the body cause chunk of health problems which people face. Herbal products recommended by Ayurveda provide body cleansing. These products cleanse vital organs like kidneys and liver and also keep digestive and excretory system free of toxins. Lower toxicity level in the body ensure proper balance of Doshas which eventually keeps immunity system and healing capacity of body upbeat and strong. With higher immunity, body is able to protect itself from external infections and is also able to expel the existing ones without getting any side effects.

Today people face many health issues which are chronic and in a way reckoned as incurable as one needs to take medicine throughout life to suppress the problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid disorders etc. Most of such issues get initiated by fragile and poor mental health. Stress overpowers a person mentally and causes many types of issues which last forever. Ayurveda along with herbal products suggests dietary, lifestyle changes and Yoga practice and meditation to keep a person mentally tough and strong to shield frustrating and depressing thoughts by gaining strong positive energy and mental status.

Another major advantage of using Ayurvedic supplements and products is that these are not addictive, the natural herbal remedies does not cause any dependency. It is because Ayurveda does not believe in supplementing any substance to the body from outside which body should produce on its own. Allopathic or other medicines supplement salts and other chemicals; supplementation makes internal system lame as it becomes dependent on external supply completely. Due to these reason other medicines cause addiction and person needs to take them throughout their life to stay away from symptoms of the disease.

Ayurvedic supplements are inexpensive compared to other popular medicines. These are within reach of maximum population around the world and people can use Ayurvedic products for a long time without getting burden on their savings. Ayurvedic products are easily available all over the world and these products have very long shelf-life. Ayurvedic supplements are wonderful for children because at young age body absorbs the goodness of natural agents very quickly and completely which benefits them through their entire life. One does not have to worry about side effects while taking any Ayurvedic supplement as these are natural and completely safe.