Herbal Oil for Joint Pain

Ayurvedic Herbal Massage Oil for Joint Pain Relief

Ayurvedic Herbal Massage Oil for Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis Backache

Joints of the body are prone to wear and tear and also get affected by diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. which weaken them and make them stiff. Growing age, poor nutrition, lethargic lifestyle, obesity and systemic diseases like diabetes are other causes of joint stiffness and pain. Ayurvedic massage oil provides quick relief and promotes movement. On regular use this improves strength and stability of joints considerably to prevent problem from occurring in future.

Herbal massage oil for joint pain, arthritis and backache possesses herbs which address all the possible causes of the problem including deficiencies, injuries, diseases and age to provide relief. This oil does not work like a simple pain-killer cream or gel which numbs the nerves and do not affect the real cause of the problem. In fact it treats the problem by alleviating root cause of it to provide long-lasting relief.

Joints of the body are places where two bones meet. The ends of these bones are covered with cartilages which allow them to swivel smoothly and promote painless movement. Due to arthritis, aging, infections, repetitive movements, weak bones and misalignment of joints these cartilages get damaged and bones rub each other on movement. This causes severe pain and inflammation which can later make joints immobile. Other conditions like RA and osteoporosis also damage cartilages by causing weak bones and damaging tissues of the body.

Poor nutrition and lifestyle also cause joint weakness by reducing nourishment to cells and tissues and depleting health of cartilages, muscles and ligaments. Ayurvedic massage oil for joint pain relief can shield ill-effects of all these conditions and protect joint from damages. It also increases nutrition and oxygen supply to enhance tissue strength and repair cartilages. These benefits treat problem of pain, inflammation and stiffness effectively and strengthen joints and improve their stability to keep person active for longer period in life.

Rumacure oil is widely trusted herbal oil for joint pain, arthritis and backache. This oil is made by using herbal oils which penetrate the skin and alleviate the problem. This oil provides warmth to inner organs of the joint and relieves pain. It also diffuses swelling and promotes movement. Massage of Rumacure oil improves flow of blood, higher blood flow bring more nutrition and oxygen to cells and speed-up their reproduction. When cell reproduction is higher these improve tissue strength and endurance. The ingredients of Rumacure herbal oil for joint pain, arthritis and backache enter into deep areas of joint and protect it from infections. This oil also initiates process of cartilage repair and brings back joints to proper functioning.

Rumacure oil possesses herbal ingredients like Dalchini oil, Tarpine oil, Buleylu oil, Gandhapurna oil and Castor oil. All of these have unique properties and collectively improve joint health and stability. These oils collectively relieve muscle stiffness, rebuild tissues, strengthen bones and other organs of the joint like ligaments, tendons and cartilages. Regular massage with Rumacure herbal oil for joint pain, arthritis and backache delay process of aging of tissues. With growing age these tissues become thinner and fragile which causes weakness in bones as well as muscles and ligaments too. By curbing ill-effects of aging this herbal oil works excellently for middle-aged and elderly people who suffer with joint problems due to weakness and slowing down bodily systems.

Supplementing Rumacure herbal massage oil with Rumacure capsules bring even better results. These capsules too are herbal preparations which possess powerful herbs to alleviate problems causing joint pain and stiffness. These capsules too are wonderful in curbing effects of diseases like arthritis and also weaknesses and debilities occurring due to aging, diet, lifestyle and injuries. These capsules come loaded with herbs like Asthisanghar, Rasna, Nirgundi, Suranjan, Chobchini, Long, Jaiphal, Rigni, Guggul, Ghavpatta, Haritaki, Ashwagandha, Ramyaphal and Godanti Hadtal. These herbs supplement nutrients and minerals which are vital for keeping bones healthy and strong and prevent their atrophy. These enhance growth of bone tissues and also improve muscular endurance and strength.

These capsules boost-up immunity and prevent infections and other disorders from occurring. The major advantage of these capsules is that these expel toxins out of the system and also inhibit activities of free-radicals which are largely responsible for damaging tissues of the body. The herbal ingredients present in these capsules curb excessive acid formation like uric acid which is well-known for damaging cartilages.

Regular use of Rumacure ayurvedic massage oil and Rumacure capsules treat weak, painful and stiff joints and provide long-lasting relief. Since, these are purely herbal therefore can be used as supplements to prevent the problem from occurring. The oil and capsules both are well known for showing no side effects in men and women of all ages and can be used for prolonged duration. These do not require any prescription before use.

Arthritis Joint Pain Relief Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Rumacure oil?

    Rumacure oil possesses powerful and effective ingredients which are useful in arresting progression of diseases like arthritis and debilitating disorders like osteoporosis. This oil has wonderful properties for improving joint stability and removing weaknesses in the joints due to aging, nutrition, obesity or other factors. This promotes smooth and painless joint movement in a short time. Ingredients of this oil are - Gandhapurna oil, Buleylu oil, Castor oil, Tarpin oil, Dalchini oil and Kapoor oil.

  • How to use Rumacure oil to obtain maximum benefits?

    Take 8 to 10 drops of this oil and spread over affected joint in the form of a layer and massage the area for 15-20 minutes with gentle pressure. This oil shall be massaged twice 2 to 3 times in a day on affected joints and cover with a bandage or crap bandage to trap the heat inside. On regular use this oil can provide relief from pain occurring due to any reason. This can be used by healthy people too to prevent joint debility and disorders in future.

  • Is Rumacure oil safe to use?

    This oil possesses herbal oils as ingredients. The oils used as ingredients are in their purest form and do not contain any impurities. These can provide relief without causing any sort of side effect even after prolonged use.

  • How long do I need to use Rumacure oil to get permanent results?

    This oil is fast-acting. It can relieve pain and swelling in most of the cases within short duration of use. But to gain strength, optimum range of motion and joint endurance one should use this for at least 3 to 4 months regularly.

  • Other than joint pain relief, what other benefits can I expect by using this oil?

    This oil curbs progression of disorders like arthritis and protect from its damaging effects. It is very useful against ill-effects of aging and also recovers joints from any injury, surgery or trauma. This keeps a person agile and active by maintaining healthy joint mechanism. This is wonderful for people in sitting jobs or those who lead a strenuous lifestyle as both types of people can weaken their joints much earlier in life.


Rumacure oil is joint pain relief oil which promotes painless and smooth joint movement despite of growing age, bodily weakness, and presence of disorders like arthritis, osteoporosis. This oil is fast-acting as it affects the troubled joint directly and shows its beneficial results in a short time. This oil is prepared by using herbal ingredients which penetrate through the skin and affect deep areas of the joint. These can handle various issues and conditions which cause pain, swelling and stiffness and hinder joint movement.

This oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties and provides relief from discomfort in a short time. Regular massage with this oil curbs ill-effects of disorders and also cures warmth in joints, redness and tenderness. Massages of this oil are excellent even for healthy individuals and people who are growing in age to keep joints healthy, stronger and enduring to stay active and fit.

Rumacure oil supplements ingredients which enhance tissue generation and promote blood flow. These numb the pain signals carrying nerves and provide relief from discomfort. By enhancing tissue growth these strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons and also remarkably improve health of cartilages. Massages with this oil are very useful for dissolving crystals of uric acid which promote stiffness, swelling, pain and redness in joints by damaging cartilages and inviting inflammatory response of immune system.

These are also very useful in curbing infection present in synovial fluid which also damage cartilages and cause severe joint pain and stiffness. This oil also possesses ingredients which prevent aging of tissues and organs of the joint efficiently. Major ingredients of Rumacure oil are:

Gandhapurna oil

Gandhapurna oil: This oil is rich in flavonoids, tannins, methyl salicylate, salicylate and Borneol. This oil is effective against rheumatoid arthritis, gout and osteoarthritis. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. It is also effective reliever of sciatica and other type of joint pains.

Kapoor oil

Kapoor oil: This oil too is very powerful aid to arrest pain and swelling due to rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and gout. This oil is excellent for curing muscle sprains and strains, and prevents muscular spasms. It also strengthens nerves and curbs inflammation effectively.

Dalchini oil

Dalchini oil: This is very useful in enhancing blood flow, relaxes blood vessels and clears their blockages to keep blood flow smooth and optimum. This oil also plays effective role in rebuilding damaged cartilages of the joints and keeping them free of infections.

Buleylu oil

Buleylu oil: This is effective pain reliever, curbs progression of arthritis and treats severe bone disorders like osteoporosis very effectively. It strengthens tissue lining and rebuilds damaged tissues of joints muscles and ligaments effectively. It also enhances blood flow and keeps joints free of infections, redness and tenderness. It is great for rebuilding cartilages and preventing joint debility.

Castor oil: This oil has wide range of properties - it is effective against all commonly found forms of arthritis, it is anti-inflammatory, curbs nerve pain and neuralgic pains effectively and also diffuse swelling. This is excellent for prevent muscular spasms, pulls and pain and also enhance tissue growth in the region.