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Bleeding Piles Natural Treatment

Bleeding Piles Natural Treatment, Non Bleeding Piles Herbal Remedies

Bleeding or non-bleeding piles are very debilitating, troublesome and frustrating conditions which need immediate treatment as these keep on aggravating if not controlled. Hemorrhoids are small structures of skin, in anal passage, which facilitate movement of stools during bowels. If a person has chronic constipation the stool becomes hard and rough which can cause bruises and cuts on hemorrhoids, frequent occurrences of hard stools can irritate hemorrhoids and make them swell and fill them with blood. Later during bowel movements these structures can burst, open and cause bleeding. These keep on growing in size and cause severe pain during bowel movement. On aggravation pain and bleeding can occur even when person is sitting or walking and can disrupt normal routine, excessive bleeding can cause weakness and lethargy. If this condition is not treated, hemorrhoids can grow in size so much that these can come out of anus and get constricted such condition causes severe pain and may require immediate surgery. Bleeding piles natural treatment stop the problem from growing and very effectively can reverse it to bring back smooth and painless bowel movements.

Usually person suffers with bleeding piles which do not cause pain. Bleeding piles are located in the deeper area of anal passage where pain bearing nerves are not present,but this is not hard and fast rule, one can suffer with pain along with bleeding in some cases. Bleeding piles natural treatment not only stops bleeding but also provide immediate relief from troubling pain. Non-bleeding piles are painful, these are located close to anal opening where pain bearing nerves are present hence, cause lot of pain and itching but do not bleed. Non bleeding piles herbal remedies stop progression of the problem and reduce pain and swelling to provide immediate relief.

People who suffer with constipation frequently or have slow digestion and irregular bowel movement are at high risk of developing bleeding or non bleeding piles. Food intolerance is another major reason which can initiate this problem by causing constipation, irregularity in bowel movements or by irritating hemorrhoids through chemicals which get produced during digestion. People consuming less water, taking medicines which can cause dehydration or release chemicals which can irritate hemorrhoids, pregnant women and people doing heavy jobs are also at risk of developing bleeding or non bleeding piles. Genetic factors also play a role in causing this problem as in some cases this has been found running in the family. Apart from these, weight lifting, eating fatty food, lack of exercises and chronic Diarrhea are other major reasons of bleeding or non bleeding piles. Bleeding piles natural treatment or non-bleeding piles herbal remedies are very effective, safe and long lasting methods to resolve the problem.

Pilesgon capsules are widely suggested treatment for piles, these herbal preparations are so effective and varied in their benefits that these work as extremely beneficial bleeding piles natural treatment as well as non-bleeding piles herbal remedies. Each capsule of Pilesgon come loaded with magical herbs which provide all round benefits and treat the problem of piles holistically. Herbal ingredients of Pilesgon capsules are Nagkesar, Ritha, Kathha, Hemsagar, Indrajau, Kijira, Haritaki, Raskunth, Khun Sosha, Ayapana and Shudh takan. These herbs have some wonderful properties and when consumed in right dosage can resolve the problem of bleeding or non bleeding piles from root.

The major benefit of Pilesgon is that these soften stools and prevent irritation of hemorrhoids. These capsules ensure that stool pass out of the anal passage without causing extra pressure on the walls and hemorrhoids. Some of the herbs present in Pilesgon capsules are excellent anti-inflammatory which reduces swelling in hemorrhoid. Lesser swelling makes hemorrhoids less prone to irritation. Pilesgon capsules prevent pain from occurring and reduce pile masses.These also repair damaged tissues very quickly to prevent bleeding. The herbal ingredients of these capsules increase blood flow and improve elasticity and strength of walls of anal passage to protect them from bruises and cuts from hard and rough stool.

These capsules also possess quality herbs which improve digestion and nullify toxins and chemicals which can irritate hemorrhoids or harden skin of anal passage to make it prone to cuts and bruises. All these benefits provided by Pilesgon capsules work wonderfully to treat bleeding or non bleeding piles and also to prevent their reoccurrence. People prone to develop piles or already suffer with these can safely and without any risk take Pilesgon capsules, as these are wonderfully effective bleeding piles natural treatment which possess herbs renowned as non-bleeding piles herbal remedies. These capsules due to their herbal nature are safe for individual of any age and gender; these capsules do not cast any sort of side effect even after prolonged use.

Piles Herbal Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Pilesgon capsules?

    Pilesgon capsules possess wide range of herbs to address all the aspects of the problem and provide relief which last for longer period in life, these not only stop pain and bleeding but also improve vascular circulation to strengthen tissue lining of anal passage. The ingredients of these capsules are - Nag Kesar, Ritha, Katha, Rasaunt, Haritaki, Hemsagar, kalijiri, Ayapana, Indrajau, Khoon shosha and Shudh Takan.
  • How to use Pilesgon capsules to obtain maximum benefits?

    These pills are so effective and versatile in effects that one does not have to follow any strict dietary or exercising regimen, mere intake of these pills is enough to provide immediate relief from pain and bleeding and long-lasting results after a period of time. One should consume one or two pills every day with water twice in a day after meals to gain maximum benefits.
  • Are Pilesgon capsules safe to use?

    Pilesgon capsules are purely herbal preparations which do not possess any synthetic material hence are completely free of side effects. These are safe even for prolonged use for person of any age.
  • How long do I need to use Pilesgon capsules to get permanent results?

    Though these pills can curb discomfort associated with bleeding and non-bleeding piles in a short duration but it is advisable that to gain maximum benefits these shall be used for at least 3 to 4 months regularly.
  • Other than hemorrhoid treatment, what other benefits can I expect by using these capsules?

    These pills possess strong properties to improve digestion, purify blood and lower toxicity in digestive tract. These enhance breaking-down of complex food items without excessive secretion of acids and harmful substances. These make stools smooth and curb swelling to prevent problem from flaring in future. These are excellent for improving colon functions and supplement anti-oxidants which prevent tissue damage and aging of cells and tissues. These capsules are excellent cures for stomach disorders like hyperacidity, diarrhea, dysentery and constipation. These also prevent food allergies and intolerance and keep liver function upbeat and healthy. The herbal ingredients used in these capsules due to their anti-bacterial, fungal and viral properties are excellent for improving immune system and prevent infections and allergies effectively.


Pilesgon capsules are herbal formulations which resolves problem of bleeding or non-bleeding piles in males and females. These are made by using time-tested highly effective herbs which handle the problem holistically and provide long-lasting relief. Piles are swollen veins which get irritated due to excessive pressure during bowel movements, presence of harsh chemicals in stools or due to rough and dry stools which scar the walls of anal passage. These veins lying close to anal opening cause lots of pain as pain carrying nerves are dense in this region, but these very seldom bleed, whereas the veins lying deep in anal passage bleed but hardly cause any pain. When hemorrhoids or swollen veins get constricted in anal opening, these raise medical emergency which needs surgical measures.

Pilesgon capsules can prevent and cure piles or hemorrhoids safely and effectively and also prevent their flares in future. These are equally beneficial for males and females of any age. Pilesgon capsules by virtue of their herbal ingredients make stools softer, nullify irritating harsh chemicals present in stools, diffuse swelling in veins, control ruptures and bleeding, and improve digestion. These herbal supplements resolve constipation and regularize bowel movements to prevent dry and rough stools. These also suppress immense discomfort and allow a person to perform his daily activities without trouble. Along with these there are numerous other benefits which one can gain by using these herbal supplements. Major ingredients of Pilesgon capsules are:

Nag Kesar

Nag Kesar: This herb has many properties; it is digestive, blood purifier, anti-inflammatory and supplements anti-oxidants. This herb has innate properties to curb external bleeding and strengthen veins by making them enduring and flexible. This herb is natural treatment for diarrhoea, dysentery, stomach disorders and hyperacidity.


Haritaki: This herb has most effective properties to heal and cure anal fistula, it control spleen disorders and enhance digestion. This herb is powerful laxative which regularize bowel movements, cures constipation and make stools softer and easier to pass. This is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antitussive, anti-viral and digestive. This herb can treat numerous stomach disorders due to its abilities to control diarrhea, amoebisis, dysentery, constipation and slow bowel movements.


Rasaunt: Like Haritaki this herb too possesses strong properties to treat and heal anal fistula, and also improves flexibility and firmness of wallsofanal passage. This herb is blood purifier and laxative.

Katha: This herb too is expert in stopping bleeding; it also enhances liver functions and is galactagogue. It has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used in treating skin condition due to its ability to strengthen veins and capillaries of skin. This herb is digestive, detoxicant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.