Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing OEM

Contract Manufacturing OEM, Private Label Herbal Products

We are pleased to learn that you are keenly interested in our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) program. By using your own brand name as a manufacturer of the products designed by us you are free to choose anything that suits you, be it the selection of capsules or their combination made with some other product(s), or its price, packaging methods, or delivery.

We are engaged in the third party / contract manufacturing of multi-dimensional array of ayurvedic products. As a leading contract manufacturer with GMP and ISO accredited state of the art developed facilities, with the commitment towards working jointly with our customers, we propose commercial bond of manufacturing for international market.

Ayurved Research Foundation is a leading firm in terms of manufacturing the herbal products and their supply in India and abroad. It is solely focused upon designing the quality products by contiguously testing being done in well-equipped labs right from its manufacture till its packaging procedure.

The firm also prepares new ayurvedic products as per your requirements. Our team would work with you with a constant presentation in front of you till you meet your obligations. Once you get the satisfaction with the desired outputs you may then sell them under your brand name.

We undertake CONTRACT MANUFACTURING of all types of Ayurvedic tablets, capsules, syrups, oils, gels, creams, etc. Our large scale production capabilities, highly qualified productive and quality control staff, state-of-art GMP certified industrialized facility combines to give a perfect atmosphere for outsourcing or contract manufacturing herbal products. We are capable to ensure large scale production of private label herbal products such as tablets, capsules, oils, syrups, gels and creams.

Get ready for earning huge profits in this deal as we always offer best quality products for retail and selling, and we have already gained popularity in serving our clients to the best possible manner.

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