Diabetes Herbal Treatment

Diabetes Herbal Treatment

Diabetes Herbal Treatment, Type 2 Diabetes Natural Remedy

Diabetes can be classified into four categories, Type 1, Type 2, Metabolic syndrome, and Gestational diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also called as insulin resistant diabetes because in this condition pancreas do produce insulin but either in lesser quantity or of poor quality which is unable to metabolize blood sugar. Type 2 diabetes is most common form of diabetes today. The existence of type 2 diabetes is dangerous as it can harm any organ of the body and can make any organ dysfunctional to raise life-threatening condition. Healthy lifestyle and proper diet is recommended for patients suffering with type 2 diabetes, even after this if blood sugar is not maintained within healthy limits then medicines which supplement insulin are prescribed by doctors. Patients suffering with type 2 diabetes shall perform regular exercises preferably cardio exercises like walking, jogging, swimming etc., these exercises are part of type 2 diabetes natural remedies. Eating protein and fiber rich diet is another step which patients of type 2 diabetes need to take. Eating Leafy vegetables, carrot, cabbage, spinach, oats, whole grains etc is part of type 2 diabetes natural remedy.

People suffering with hyperglycemia or high blood sugar due to minor reasons get benefited by diet control and lifestyle changes, but those who have some severe reason for high blood sugar need proper treatment to control the problem. People having family history of diabetes, suffering with high blood pressure or cholesterol, suffering with obesity or those who are above age of 45 usually need proper treatment to keep blood sugar in control. Human body gains sugar from the food and drinks, the sugar obtained from the food gets mixed with the blood. Pancreas produces insulin which transfers the sugar present in the blood to muscles and tissues where it is utilized for energy production.

If insulin produced is in lesser quantity or is of poor quality it is unable to metabolize sugar present in the blood which raises level of blood sugar. High blood sugar increases thickness of blood which can damage nerves and small blood vessels of eyes, heart and kidneys. High blood sugar can also cause atherosclerosis, which is hardening of arteries, which can cause heart attack or stroke. In order to prevent such conditions one should lead a healthy lifestyle, eat proper diet and take type 2 diabetes natural remedies to keep blood sugar in control.

Herbs since ancient times have been used to provide good health and to treat disorders in the body. By using some of these powerful and potent herbs Diabkil capsules have been designed which contain herbal ingredients in right combination and dosage to provide very effective and safe type 2 diabetes natural remedy. These capsules not only possess properties which keep blood sugar within health limits but also supplement vital nutrients to maintain strength in the body to keep patient alert and active. Diabkil capsules provide all round diabetes herbal treatment and are safe and suitable for men and women alike. These capsules are purely herbal hence are free of side effects, these contain highly potent and effective herbs like Karela, Neem Bilvapatra, Jamun, Gurmar, Methi, Sajji khar, Haldi, Baghphal, Kasondi, Bimbaphal, Arjun, Giloy, Indrayan, Shudh Shilajit, Tarvar, Jaiphal, Kali Mirch, Kachnora, Rasont and Safed Musli. These herbs have been chosen keeping all the aspects of type 2 diabetes in mind.Some of these herbs directly help the body in lowering blood sugar by metabolizing sugar. Beta cells present in pancreas are responsible for producing insulin, herbs used in Diabkil capsules stimulate beta cells and also help in increasing their number to ensure optimum production of insulin in sufficient quantity, to metabolize blood sugar for energy production. This property of Diabkil capsules help immensely in pulling down high levels of blood sugar safely and naturally to provide effective diabetes herbal treatment.

Patient suffering with diabetes type 2 feels weak and lethargic due to poor sugar metabolism. Some of the ingredients of Diabkil diabetes herbal treatment ensure that energy levels in the body are maintained so that person stays active and mentally alert. These herbs provide general feeling of well-being to the patient which helps in countering side effects of diabetes. Diabkil provides complete diabetes herbal treatment by ensuring proper digestion of food, it also ensures that sugar produced during digestion is mixed with blood in small quantities to prevent sudden rise in sugar levels. The herbal ingredients of these capsules provide smooth flow of blood all over the body by removing blockages in the arteries and preventing hardening of their walls. These capsules maintain healthy liver functions and normal level of triglyceride and serum cholesterol. The side effects of type 2 diabetes are severe and frustrating; Diabkil capsules provide immense relief from symptoms like pain in legs, giddiness, body ache, polyuria and pruritus. Diabkil capsules can be taken without any medical prescription and work wonderfully to control diabetes along with healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

Type 2 Diabetes Natural Remedy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Diabkil capsules?

    Diabkil capsules come loaded with herbs which enhance secretion of insulin hormone by increasing number of beta cells in pancreas. These metabolize sugar present in blood, slow down supplementation of sugar into blood during digestion and ensure proper utilization of sugar to produce energy. These herb protects vulnerable organs like heart, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels from damaging effects of high sugar and also enhance flow of blood, immune system functions and regulate blood's clotting properties. The herbal ingredients of Diabkil capsules are - Jamun, Karela, Gurma, Neem, Bilvapatra, Methi, Sadaphool, Baghphal, Kachlora, Arjun, Safed Musli, Giloy, Kali mirch, Vidarikhand, Bimbaphal, Rasont, Shilajit, Taravar, Jaiphal, Kasondi, Haldi, Sajji Khar and Indrayan.
  • How to use Diabkil capsules to obtain maximum benefits?

    Diabkil capsules are very easy and simple to use. Just consume one or two pills every day 10 minutes before meals once in the morning and once in the evening with plain water regularly for 3 to 4 months.
  • Are Diabkil capsules safe to use?

    Diabkil capsules are purely herbal preparations. The herbs are well known for their natural effects and these are free of side effects. The collection of herbs in their purest form makes these capsules completely safe for people of any age.
  • How long do I need to use Diabkil capsules to get permanent results?

    These capsules are fast-acting but every person has different level of severity of the problem. Hence it is recommended that one should use these for at least 3 to 4 months regularly to gain long-lasting results.
  • Other than anti-diabetic effects, what other benefits can I expect by using these capsules?

    These capsules keep energy levels higher and keep a persona active during the day. These also curb side effects of the problem like headaches, body ache, pain in legs, problems related to urine and health issues like pruritis and polysuria. These protect liver, keep digestion stronger, lower toxin levels, prevent nerve weaknesses and maintain upbeat immune system. These also prevent blockages in arteries and keep heart healthy, lower cholesterol levels, and maintain healthy triglyceride levels.


Sugar gets absorbed in blood during digestion and this is supplied to all the cells of the body to produce energy. The transfer of sugar from blood to cells is done by insulin hormone which metabolizes sugar molecule and stores it in the cells. Due to poor insulin secretion, or inferior quality of insulin the sugar does not get metabolized and stays in blood unutilized. This increases level of sugar in blood which is called as diabetes. This condition is seriously hazardous for health as higher sugar levels in blood can damage any organ of the body and is specifically harmful for nerves of the organs. Consistent high blood sugar levels can reduce life expectancy of a person and are highly debilitating. Diabkil capsules are wonderful herbal supplements which control sugar levels naturally and prevent damage to health.

High blood sugar or diabetes is very harmful for heart and kidneys. It can practically damage any organ of the body and reduce energy levels drastically. These can alter blood's clotting properties and curtail blood flow to deplete tissue health and reach of immune system. Diabkil capsules nullify excessive sugar present in blood, stimulate secretion of insulin and utilize sugar for energy production to prevent all the side effects of high sugar levels in the body naturally and safely. These enhance body's own mechanism to metabolize sugar and protect health from damaging effects. Diabkil capsules by virtue of its herbal ingredients energize and activate pancreas to produce insulin in higher quantity; these increase number of beta cells in pancreas and enhance secretion of insulin hormone. These also make supplementation of sugar during digestion slow to prevent sudden surge in sugar levels. Major ingredients of Diabkil capsules are:


Karela: This vegetable is like herb as it has powerful anti-diabetic properties. This is rich source of dietary fiber and beta-carotene (antioxidant); it supplies minerals like iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, etc. and also supplements wide range of vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E and K. It is hypoglycemic, purgative, enhance hemoglobin, laxative and blood purifier.


Gurmar: This herb too is powerful anti-diabetic which curbs high level of sugar in blood. It enhances liver functions, protects liver from damages, improves digestion, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, curbs cholesterol levels and enhances heart and spleen functions. This herb is source of saponins, alkaloids, flavones and other powerful and active anti-oxidants.


Neem: This is very powerful blood purifier. It is wonderful against microorganisms and also strong anti-diabetic. This is purgative, sedative, digestive and enhances liver functions.


Jamun: This fruit is wonder herb for diabetes, even its seeds are potent anti-diabetic. This is source of betulic acid, dietary fiber, alkaloids, beta-carotene, and protects liver and is powerful anti-aging. This enhances secretion of insulin hormone by increasing number of beta cells in pancreas and provides effective solution to the problem of high blood sugar.


Bilvapatra: This too is hypoglycemic and anti-diabetic. It boosts-up digestion; it is laxative, blood purifier, cures stomach related disorders, powerful anti-oxidant and protect liver and enhances its functions.