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Whenever you eat something your body releases insulin hormone with the help of beta cells situated in pancreas. This is because as soon as you consume anything (yes, anything!) your blood tends to take that glucose (energy). The role of insulin is to transfer that glucose into body cells so as to utilize it for the energy production. If this process isn't carried the person feels weak and tired since whatever he or she consumes doesn't get in use. This is what happens in the case of diabetes. Those suffering from this condition have body unable to produce insulin completely (Type 1) or partially (Type 2).

Most common factors that are found in diabetic individuals that basically cause this condition are genetic factor and eating too much of sugary foods that basically asks the body to produce the insulin more than required, thereby increasing the sugar levels in blood to that extent when the body ultimately gives up and causes this condition. Autoimmune system is another disorder that causes this. In such a case, the body's immune system destroys its own cells (beta-cells) by mistakenly interpreting them as outsiders. Destruction of beta cells ultimately leads to lesser production of insulin and finally the case of diabetes arises.

The problem cannot be omitted completely but does have useful measures so that it doesn't go uncontrolled; else it has potential to lead towards death. We have some diabetes support supplements that have ability to balance the problem. These type 1 and type 2 diabetes remedies have herbal ingredients that manage the sugar levels of the body and naturally enhance the beta-cells production and insulin release. The persons can freely take these pills along with other allopathic medications being prescribed by their doctor since ayurvedic herbs have tendency to never react with them. So, one could be sure of meeting with the advantages in just a few months course.