Herbal Acidity Treatment

Herbal Acidity Treatment

Herbal Acidity Treatment, Natural Cure for Heartburn, Hyperacidity

Acid secretion and formation is necessary part of digestion. To breakdown complex food items body releases acids. This acid gets flushed-out after digestion is complete through urine, but in some cases acid formation is too excessive which causes frustrating symptoms. When a person suffers with excessive acid formation the condition is called as hyperacidity or acidity. Due to presence of excessive acid in stomach person may suffer with heartburn, chest pain, nausea, changed taste of mouth and bloating.

Acidity can occur occasionally due to eating heavy, greasy and spicy foods or it can occur repeatedly due to slow or poor metabolism, lethargic lifestyle, dehydration, etc. People taking medicines which are diuretics and pregnant women also suffer with frequent acidity. There are many types of antacids available as OTC medicines for treating acidity. These provide temporary relief only as these do not treat the root cause of the problem and their regular and long term use causes side effects. Herbal acidity treatment provides long-lasting relief by addressing root causes of the problem.

Although acidity does not seem like a serious problem as off and on every person complains about it and it affects almost every individual few times in life, but frequent and repeated occurrence of this problem is clear symptom of problems related to digestive system. Its longer stay and frequent occurrences can also cause problems like ulcers which can be of serious nature. Due to acid and gas formation person may suffer with heartburn which causes pain and burning in chest. The acid present in stomach with gas regurgitates in oesophagus and causes heartburn. This condition, if occurs again and again, can damage inner lining of oesophagus and make swallowing food difficult by squeezing the passage.

Apart from this, regular acidity or hyperacidity alters hunger and eating pattern of a person. It can reduce diet intake and cause weakness. Untimely and lesser food intake further aggravates symptoms of the problem. Natural cure for heartburn and hyperacidity treats the problem holistically and provide long-lasting relief. Herbal acidity treatment prevents occurrence of the problem, digests existing acids in stomach, prevents gas formation and improves metabolism to prevent the problem from occurring in future.

Herbozyme capsules are most trusted herbal acidity treatment. These capsules come loaded with herbs which regulate acid secretion during digestion and curb gas formation. The herbal ingredients of these capsules improve secretion of vital hormones to facilitate quick and complete digestion of food. These improve bile secretion and enhance liver functions to digest complex food items quickly and completely. Herbozyme capsules supplement herbs which stimulate enzymatic activities and digestive fluids in healthy amount to prevent excessive acid secretion during digestion. These capsules also nullify acids which get produced during digestion of acidic food items and spices and flush them out of the system. All these advantages work as natural cure for heartburn and hyperacidity.

The herbal ingredients of Herbozyme capsules are Hing, Ajwain, Madhur Kshar, Poudina and Satt Pudina. These herbs are digestion boosters and regularize bowel movements. Slow and irregular bowel movements promote toxin build-up and also stimulate gas formation. Due to toxins digestion slows down and food stays for longer duration in stomach. Longer food stays in stomach higher amount of acid gets secreted which causes acidity. Herbozyme capsules by regularizing bowel movements resolve the problem completely. People suffering with constipation also suffer with problem of hyperacidity due to slow bowel movements and get immensely benefited by herbal acidity treatment.

Aged individuals suffer with problem of slow metabolism due to weak digestive system and lesser physical activities. Herbozyme works as natural cure for hyperacidity and heartburn even for elderly people. It maintains healthy digestion and prevents constipation and flatulence effectively to keep problems away. The herbal ingredients used in these capsules are safe for men and women of all ages and do not cause any side effects even after prolonged use. Hing has been used since ancient times for treating bloating, flatulence and excessive gas formation. This is mild but effective and its use in food as spice keeps such problems away.

Madhur Kshar nullifies existing acids in stomach and helps body to pass them out with urine. It also protects delicate organs of stomach from damages caused by regular acid formation. Ajwain is digestive and carminative which helps in digesting even complex food items quickly and maintain healthy metabolism rate. Poudina is immunity booster. It helps in eliminating toxins and improves colon functions and is also very useful in curbing excessive cough and treats stomach cramps effectively. All of these herbs are blended with a scientifically derived formula to make Herbozyme capsules and provide perfect natural cure for hyperacidity and heartburn.

Using Herbozyme capsules is very easy; simply consume one or two pills of these twice in a day regularly for 3 to 4 months. These are harmless and free of side effects hence can be used for prolonged duration. These pills not only calm down excessive acid build-up but enhance digestion and treat various disorders related to digestion effectively to keep health sound and upbeat.

Natural Cure for Acidity

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Herbozyme capsules?

    Herbozyme capsules are wonderful herbal supplements which possess highly beneficial herbs and ingredients to enhance digestion and curb abdominal disorders. These are effective in curbing slowness in digestion due to disorders like ulcers and poor enzyme secretion and also due to unhealthy diet and overeating, or due to unhealthy and lethargic lifestyle. The ingredients of these capsules are - Hing, Pudina, Satt Pudina, Ajwain and Madhur Kshar.

  • How to use Herbozyme capsules to obtain maximum benefits?

    These capsules are easy to use. One does not need to follow any strict dietary or exercising regimen to gain their benefits. All one needs to do is consume one or two pills of these every day regularly for 3 to 4 months with water after meals twice in a day.

  • Are Herbozyme capsules safe to use?

    These capsules possess herbs as ingredients. Complete precautions are taken while making these capsules so that only fresh and herbs in purest form are used and there are no chances of any contamination. These capsules are perfectly safe for regular and prolonged use by person of any age.

  • How long do I need to use Herbozyme capsules to get permanent results?

    These capsules are fast-acting. These can show their wonderful results in a short time, but duration of results may vary from person to person due to health condition and severity of the problem. It is advisable that one should use these pills for at least 3 to 4 months to gain long-lasting and maximum benefits.

  • Other than healthy digestion, what other benefits can I expect by using these capsules?

    These capsules enhance energy and vitality along with improved digestion. These pills curb disorders like ulcer, hyperacidity, loss of appetite and higher toxicity. These support liver functions and also cure problems like water retention and slow kidney functions. These purify blood and keep organs of the body energized and healthier. These are also beneficial for treating and preventing skin disorders and clear marks, spots and dryness of skin naturally. These are effective for preventing acne, eczema, etc. and improve texture and shine of skin.


Herbozyme capsules are herbal preparations to cure slowness and weakness in digestion. There are numerous causes of poor digestion. These can be mild to serious in nature. Untimely eating, too much eating, improper physical activity, lesser water intake, heavy food items, food intolerance, too much variety in food, high fat and high sugar intake, and many more are common causes of poor digestion in healthy and young individuals. Apart from these, medications, treatments, liver disorders, slow colon, higher toxicity, aging and bad habits like chronic alcoholism, tobacco use, etc. also cause poor digestion. If food is not digested properly body does not get nourishment and it becomes weak on all fronts. Herbozyme capsules are wonderful supplements which can handle all the possible causes of poor digestion and provide healthy and sound digestive functions.

Herbozyme capsules possess herbs which increase secretion of digestive enzymes and enhance enzymatic functions. These capsules prevent secretion of acids and chemicals during digestion and also curb formation of gas during breaking-down of complex food items. These capsules help in digesting difficult foods like fatty, sugary and high carb foods. These prevent dehydration and keep proper water level to ensure smooth disposal of waste matter and prevent acids, chemicals and toxin build-up in digestive tract. These improve liver functions and curb problems like fullness, constipation, hyperacidity and bloating very effectively. Major ingredients of these capsules are:


Hing: This is commonly used spice which has high medicinal value for improving digestion and treating stomach related disorders. This curbs flatulence, excessive gas formation, and acid formation prevents growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in digestive tract, and cures stomach aches due to disorders. It has capability to improve digestion very effectively and reduce abdominal mass. It also increases female libido and is helpful in curbing cramps and pain during menstrual cycle. This herb is natural treatment for tapeworms, bloating, belching, anorexia and peptic ulcers.


Ajwain: This spice is digestive, laxative, carminative and diuretic. It treats stomach disorders, liver diseases, intestinal, diseases, possess powerful anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and is strong anti-microbial. This herb is rich source of anti-oxidants and is powerful anti-inflammatory. It treats belching, bloating, constipation, abdominal fullness, loss of appetite and anorexia efficiently. This treats vomiting, water retention, indigestion and chest congestions, and prevents all sorts of food allergies effectively.


Pudina: This is anti-flatulent, digestive, anti-microbial and laxative. It is excellent remedy for bloating, belching and hyperacidity and prevents indigestion due to heavy foods, untimely eating, spicy food and lethargic lifestyle. This is antipyretic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, cooling, diuretic, decongestant and alkaline.

Satt Pudina: This enhances fat metabolism, digests oily foods and prevents excessive fat transfer to blood. It is wonderful for enhancing skin health and treats sin disorders like acne, age-spots and dark spots effectively. This is also effective against eczema and dull, peeling and skin aging.

Madhur Kshar: This is anti-spasmodic, anti-flatulent, anti-acid, digestive and curbs bacterial and viral activities. This herb is hypoglycemic and also improves liver functions. It has been used since ages for treating peptic ulcers and other kind of abdominal problems. Protects lining of intestines and enhance movement of stools through colon. Lowers toxicity level in digestive tract efficiently and stimulate enzyme secretion and enzymatic activities.