Herbal Erection Oil

Herbal Erection Oil

Herbal Erection Oil, Weak Erection Natural Remedy

Millions of males suffer with many ED disorders which can jeopardize one's love life and punch hard on self-esteem. Effective and safe herbal erection oil can do wonders in curing the problem. Men gains hardness on the organ due to hydraulic effect of blood, when he is aroused, brain signals the body to rush blood towards his genitals. This blood is absorbed by spongy tissues in male member which get stiff and grow in size. This growth in size and stiffness of tissues causes erection. This gets relieved when man ejaculates and blood recedes from the tissues. There are many issues which can hinder this simple process and create problems in gaining hardness of the male organ. Effective herbal erection oil can treat all the underlying causes of the problem and provide safe and sure solution to the problem. Overnight oil is one such remedy which is completely safe and highly effective. It not only cures the problem but also boost-up a libido to make him a keener and enthusiastic lover in bed.

Low testosterone secretion due to bad habits, unhealthy sexual behavior, medication and diseases are primary cause of ED. Low energy levels, debility, urinary problems and weak nervous system are also commonly found causes of the problem. There are psychological causes too which can initiate this problem and prevent a man from gaining stiff and rock hard erection. Overnight herbal erection oil can overcome these problems and help a man in gaining strong and quick erections to make satisfying love. Massages with Overnight oil affect internal organs, the herbal ingredients of this oil dilate blood vessels to allow smooth flow of blood, dilate tissues in genital region and improve nerve functions to increase sensation. Men having higher sensation in their genital region get aroused quickly and intensely which causes higher blood flow and provides hardness of the male organ. Due to higher sensation men suffering with ED due to low libido also get benefited. Biggest benefit of Overnight herbal erection oil is that it can enhance penile size considerably. Men gaining bigger erections can take their female partner at much higher level of ecstasy and give her mind-blowing climaxes each time.

Overnight oil possesses highly effective herbs like Kesar, Javitri, Jaiphal, Aak ka Doodh, Lavang, Somal, Beer Buti and ghee. All of these herbs together provide magical benefits with every massage and remove hindrances caused by various physical and psychological issues to gain hardness. Overnight oil contains pure herbs and no artificial agent or substance hence it is light on skin and do not cause any irritation or rashes even in those who have sensitive skin. If massages with Overnight oil are combined with regular consumption of 4T Plus capsules it becomes the best weak erection natural remedy. Overnight oil treats problem from outside while 4T Plus capsules affect the causes from inside and enhance a male's virility and potency immensely. 4T Plus capsules contain herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Kaunch beej, Vidarikhand, Kuchala, Safed Musli, Shatavari, Semar, Salabmisri, Tulsi, Talmakhana, Jaipatri, Kharethi, Jaiphal, Tambul, Kesar, Akarkara, Moti etc. These herbs are renowned for providing age-defying vitality, virility and potency to a male and also provide enormous boost to his lovemaking capacities. Together these two herbal products work as highly effective weak erection natural remedy.

4T Plus capsules enhance testosterone secretion to rejuvenate entire male reproductive system. Higher testosterone stimulates nerve functioning in male genital region, promote higher blood flow and increase his libido. These capsules also improve functioning of vital systems of the body like digestive, excretory, respiratory and circulatory system, upbeat functioning of these systems improves a male's immunity and vitality immensely. These capsules supplement varied nutrients and ensure their smooth absorption to enhance muscle mass, muscular endurance, stamina and strength. Weak erection natural remedy provided by 4T Plus capsules is an effective treatment for various types of urinary disorders, allergies and problems related to musculoskeletal system like Arthritis etc. Regular intake of these capsules improve a male's virility and cure impotency, energize reproductive system to increase quality and quantity of semen, increase libido and provide strength and stamina to lead a pleasurable life and make intense and gratifying love each time.

Overnight oil and 4T Plus capsules in combination provide weak erection natural remedy which make a man desirable in bed and consecrate him with exceedingly amazing lovemaking capacities. Men become capable of providing rapturous orgasm to his female partner and makes passionate love in multiple sessions. Men who are unable to achieve fatherhood can impregnate a woman by improving their fertility in no time by using this natural remedy. These products are purely herbal hence cast no side effects even after prolonged use and do not cause any addiction or dependency. These products are safe and suitable for male of any age and can be used without any prescription.

Overnight Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Overnight oil?

    Overnight oil has unique combination of powerful herbal ingredients. These have been blended with scientifically derived formula so that male gets instant benefits and long-lasting results. The ingredients have been selected with great precaution so that person with even sensitive skin does not face any sort of irritation or problem. This oil is safe even for sensitive skin of female's genital passage. The ingredients of Overnight oil are - Semal Musli, Ghee, Kesar, Long, Jaiphal, Javitiri and Aak ka doodh.
  • How to use Overnight oil to obtain maximum benefits?

    Take 8 to 10 drops of Overnight oil and spread them over your palms, hold the organ from shaft and circle it with your palm. Slide your palm up to the tip and start again with another hand, repeat 8 to 10 times with both hands in each session and perform at least two sessions in a day. Perform this massage regularly for at least 3 to 4 months to gain magical benefits.
  • Is Overnight oil safe to use?

    Yes, Overnight oil is completely safe to use. It is safe even for sensitive skin and does not cause any irritation or rashes. This oil makes skin supple and smooth.
  • How long do I need to use Overnight oil to get permanent results?

    Though Overnight oil can show it results in a short time as it contains highly effective ingredients but one should use this for at least 3 to 4 months to gain maximum benefits. On regular use for sufficient duration one gains powerful and rock hard erections and also substantial increase in size of the male organ.
  • Other than resolving ED, what other benefits can I expect by using this oil?

    Regular use of this oil apart from promoting powerful and rock hard erections provide longer staying power and ability to make intense love in multiple sessions. This oil within a few months can improve size of male organ by few inches. It can increase length and girth of organ substantially and make a male capable of making a woman ecstatic in bed. This also keeps male genital organs active during the day which promotes higher semen volume. When male ejaculates semen in higher volume he gets waves of pleasure and becomes keener and enthusiastic lover. The results obtained by using Overnight oil are long-lasting and completely safe.


Overnight oil is highly effective penis massage oil to improve quality and duration of erection and also improve its size to make a male capable of providing mind-blowing climaxes to female partner. Harder and bigger erections boost-up a male's confidence and improve his performance. These also penetrate woman deeper and better and arouse her to ecstatic climaxes. Males due to many reasons suffer with problem of ED and gain slow, soft and small erections which jeopardize all the fun of lovemaking. Such males lose their confidence and are not desired by woman in bed. Overnight oil is excellent way to cure this problem and perform like champion in bed.


Kesar: This spice has medicinal values like that of herb. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and aphrodisiac and has potent properties to enhance flow of blood. This herb opens capillaries and strengthens tissues. It enriches blood with nutrients and oxygen carrying capacities and promotes cell generation at faster rate. Kesar has been used since ages to cure problems related to erections and also enhance nerve functions to increase a male's staying power in bed.


Jaiphal: This has hot potency and increase temperature when applied topically over the skin. Rise in temperature relax muscles and blood vessels and allows smooth flow of blood. This herb also cures any damages caused to tissues and relieves them to absorb blood. This herb opens blocked blood vessels and curbs swelling and inflammations very effectively.


Javitri: This herb has been found as potent libido enhancer. Its ability to enhance sensation by improving nerve functions works very well for arousing male quickly and promoting quicker and harder erections. When applied over male genital organ it enables optimum stiffness and also ability to hold that stiffness for longer duration. This herb prevents episodes of male losing stiffness during lovemaking before ejaculation due to poor sensation.

Semal Musli

Semal Musli: This herb cures hemorrhages and prevents internal bleeding from capillaries of skin to maintain optimum blood flow and injury-free tissue lining of male reproductive organ. Males have damaged blood vessels and tissues due to bad habits like self-stimulation or lack of blood flow which causes weakness in tissues allow them to get damaged on slight pressure. Semal musli cures internal and external hemorrhages, works as powerful anti-inflammatory and sooth nerves of the region to increase sensation and promote longer duration of male in bed.


Ghee: This has been included in the ingredients list of Overnight oil to make it smooth and capable of making skin or organ supple. The extra fat present in this nourishes the upper layer of skin and also prevents it from damages. It allows oil to spread evenly over the area and keep skin moist and flexible to promote smooth penetration and provide higher sensation.

Herbal Erection Oil

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