Herbal Hair and Scalp Nourishing Oil

Herbal Hair and Scalp Nourishing Oil

Herbal Hair and Scalp Nourishing Oil to Prevent Hair Fall, Dandruff

Problem of hair fall undoubtedly has more psychological effect than physical. Hair growth is at its peak during growing years, young men experience growth at different body parts while young women have little growth at other body parts and largely on head. Every healthy man or woman loss 100 strands of hair daily. When it falls, it is replaced by a new one in approximately a week. If growth of new ones is more than the fallen ones then person has good density. But if number of falling hair is larger to the growing ones then person starts getting bald spots. Even if a person has growth of new hairs in good number but if these are not thick and long then person seems to have low density which makes him look older. To have dense hairs one needs to have sound their sound and healthy growth. Scalp nourishing oil can help immensely in getting good growth. Some individuals suffer with severe hair fall due to diseases, medicines, hormonal fluctuations, aging and deficiencies, which creates bald spots. Such men and women also benefit immensely by massaging scalp nourishing oil, as these massages improve grip over follicles and improving thickness.

Dandruff is another issue which causes severe hair fall. These are the flakes of scalp which come out due to infection, lack of nourishment and due to harsh chemicals present in shampoo, air and water. When dandruff occurs frequently, the grip over follicles becomes weak and allows hair to fall out. Regular massage with nourishing oil to prevent dandruff is extremely beneficial in treating chronic dandruff. Aging is one of the major cause which leads to baldness. With age, person has slow and uneven blood flow all over the body. Blood flow towards scalp also gets reduced with growing age. Lesser blood flow means lesser nutrition and oxygen supply. Due to poor nutrition number of dead cells in scalp increases which close sweat pores and allow hairs come out. Due to poor nourishment even existing ones become weak and brittle and either break or fall off. Nourishing oil to prevent dandruff is beneficial even for aging individuals which protects follicles to maintain their growth.

Hylix lotion is prepared by using extremely effective herbs in right dosage and combination to deliver wonderful results in a short time and in people of all ages. Hylix lotion possesses herbal ingredients like Bhringraj, Amla, Shikakai, Kalonji, Neem and Henna. These herbs have been used since ancient times for maintaining follicles growth and keeping it nourished. These herbs are so powerful that these are also recommended to people for preventing premature graying. Using Hylix lotion as herbal oil to prevent dandruff provides many other benefits like improving thickness, length and also improving their shine and flexibility. In a short duration of use, person experiences growth in good number over bald spots.

One should do massage with Hylix lotion regularly, this lotion penetrates scalp and goes deep into it to promote sound and healthy growth. It stimulates blood circulation and clears follicles. It also eradicates all type of infections on scalp and cures problem of dandruff. Use of Hylix herbal oil to prevent dandruff prevents ill-effects of harsh chemicals present in shampoo, air and water and keep scalp and follicles nourished and healthy to maintain good growth. Due to purely herbal nature this lotion is perfectly safe for individuals of any age and gender. This is even safe for those who have sensitive skin. Use of this oil is completely free of side effects and safe for regular use even for prolonged duration.

Hylix herbal hair oil is a great remedy for treating problem of brittle and dry hairs. This oil increases moisture and provides higher nutrition to follicles to keep them soft and bouncy. Use of this oil also deepens the color and maintains their natural shade of color.

Herbal Hair Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Hylix lotion?

    Hylix lotion is blend of powerful and highly effective herbs which prevents hair loss, curbs disorders which promotes hair fall, grows new hairs over bald patches, promotes growth of healthy and thicker hairs, prevents infections of scalp, and clears problems like dandruff to increase density of hairs on head. This lotion possesses highly beneficial herbs like - Bhringraj, Amla, Henna, Shikakai, Neem and Kalonji.
  • How to use Hylix lotion to obtain maximum benefits?

    Shake the bottle before use each time. Take out Hylix lotion in sufficient quantity and apply over scalp with your fingers and gently massage the scalp in small circular motions. Make sure that you cover entire scalp every time you apply. Massage for 10 to 15 minutes and allow the lotion to stay for few hours. It is best if you use this at night and let it stay overnight. Rinse off with water and apply every day or every alternate day regularly for 3 to 4 months to gain best results.
  • Is Hylix lotion safe to use?

    Hylix lotion contains only herbs in their purest form; these are safe and suitable remedies which are well known for not causing any side effects. This lotion is perfectly safe for regular and prolonged use and suitable even for sensitive scalp.
  • How long do I need to use Hylix lotion to get permanent results?

    This oil cannot show good results overnight. It is recommended that one should use this for at least 3 to 4 months regularly.
  • Other than hair-fall treatment, what other benefits can I expect by using this lotion?

    By using Hylix lotion one gains healthier stronger and longer hairs. This supplement provides shinier and darker shade of color. This cures dandruff and other type of scalp infections effectively and can start growth of new hairs over bald patches. This lotion prevents premature greying very effectively and fights back disorders like alopecia aorta which causes hair fall progressively in males and females.


Hylix lotion is herbal remedy for preventing hair-fall and promoting hair growth. This lotion is made by using time-tested highly effective herbs which are well known for providing dark long hairs in person of any age. This lotion is very useful in preventing conditions like infections of scalp, too much sebum secretion or dry scalp and also clears out most stubborn dandruff easily. This lotion nourishes scalp, prevents blockages of pores, promotes healthy sebum secretion and stimulates growth of healthy and thick hairs. This lotion also works well to prevent problems like thinning of hairs, split ends and dry hairs and also provides them darker shade of their natural color. This lotion is so effective that it can promote hair growth even over bald patches and make a person look younger than his or her age.

Hairs fall off due to poor grip of scalp, brittleness and dryness. External stressors, shampoos, chemicals in water, poor diet, medicines, health conditions and deficiencies in the body are major causes for premature greying and hair fall. Hylix lotion can handle the problem arising due to any reason and in person of any age. This lotion is non-greasy and keeps hairs shining, soft and bouncy. This lotion enhance scalp health to clear dead cells which block pores and stop hair growth, this lotion also opens blocked pores to allow growth of new healthy hairs and nourish them to endure stress of air, water, chemicals and pollutants easily. Major ingredients of Hylix lotion are:


Bhringraj: This herb has been used since ancient times to cure baldness. This possesses potent properties to stimulate hair growth by opening-up skin pores and enhancing flow of blood in the scalp. This herb also prevents premature greying of hairs by increasing nourishment and enhance grip of scalp over hair base to prevent hair loss.


Amla: This herb is used in hair fall remedies as it enhances effects of other herbs and clear scalp of all sorts of infectious agents and harmful chemicals. This possesses powerful anti-oxidants which open-up blocked capillaries of scalp and enhance blood flow. It nourishes hairs and also keeps them soft and flexible to prevent split ends and dryness. It enhances nutrition to scalp and pores from which hairs grow.


Shikakai: This herb too has powerful properties to prevent baldness and is used in combination with Bhringraj since ages. This herb too can promote growth of hairs over bald patches and prevent formation of new ones by arresting hair fall.


Henna: This herb is very effective in treating alopecia aorta which causes bald patches and receding hair line. This is pattern of hair loss which gradually takes out all the hairs from head. This herb is very useful for preventing premature greying of hairs and enhances softness, shine and natural shade of color in a short time.


Neem: This provides nourishment to scalp and clears infectious agents breeding on it. This also prevents excessive or very less secretion of sebum to control problems like dry scalp, or oily scalp. This also works against alopecia aorta and prevent progression of disorder effectively.