Herbal Treatment for Anemia

Herbal Treatment for Anemia, Low Hemoglobin

Herbal Treatment for Anemia, Low Hemoglobin Count Iron Deficiency

Low hemoglobin count or anemia is common problem which is more prevalent in women compared to men. In this condition person has lesser number of hemoglobin molecules in blood cells than required. Side effects of this problem are lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath, muscular weakness, severe headaches and chronic fatigue. The reasons behind this problem are many. All the causes of this problem reduce number of RBCs or red blood cells in blood which carry hemoglobin to raise this problem. Blood in human body is carrier of oxygen and nutrition. It carries necessary nutrition and oxygen through hemoglobin present in RBCs.

If a person has lesser number of RBCs in blood it means he or she has lesser count of hemoglobin. Lesser hemoglobin count means lesser nutritional and oxygen supply to cells of the body. When cells do not get optimum nourishment and oxygen these die at faster rate, rapid cell death causes tissue weakness and deteriorate functions of organs of the body. When organs of the body are not performing at their peak level person feels rapid deterioration in physical strength, stamina and energy levels. Herbal treatment for low hemoglobin count can handle this problem easily and in a short duration to provide relief.

Women during their fertile years lose blood every month. This is major reason behind common occurrence of anemia in women compared to men, but menstrual cycle is not the only reason which causes anemia or low hemoglobin count. Poor diet lacking in iron, poor iron metabolism in the body, poorly functioning spleen, liver malfunction, deficiencies and chronic diseases like HIV, Cancer, Leukemia, etc. and other diseases which cause rapid death of RBC impossible for body to replace also cause anemia.

Herbal treatment for anemia maintains optimum number of RBCs in blood and curbs side effects of the problem efficiently. It is even very effective in the cases when person suffers with anemia due to systemic or serious diseases. Herbal treatment for low hemoglobin count address root causes of the problem and alleviate them naturally. It also curbs side effects of the problem effectively to provide quick relief. The results obtained by herbal treatment for anemia are long-lasting and can be maintained by taking simple precautions and care.

Herboglobin capsules are widely prescribed as herbal treatment for low hemoglobin count. These capsules are made by using powerful herbs which possess properties to alleviate the problem effectively. The herbal ingredients of these capsules are Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Lauh Bhasma, Swarna Bang, Taj, Gajwan, Godanti Hadtal, Kahu, Hirabol, Safed Musli, Jav and Long. These herbs are blended with a perfect formula to provide wonderful results in a short time. Shilajit and Ashwagandha are renowned herbs to remove deficiencies, improve energy, and rejuvenate organs and systems of the body. These herbs are rich sources of nutrients and minerals and also cure numerous disorders which hinder cell reproduction of blood cells and body.

Lauh Bhasma is most effective in curing anemia as it supplements iron in bio-available form, iron deficiency is primarily responsible for causing low hemoglobin count. Swarna Bang, Safed Musli, Kesar and Godanti Hadtal maintain healthy cell reproduction, improve metabolism and enhance flow of blood all over the body. Regular use of these capsules increase number of RBCs in blood and increase hemoglobin count to relieve the symptoms of the problem and provide relief in a short duration.

Herboglobin capsules cure deficiency of iron and also supplement minerals, vitamins and protein to elevate energy levels. These capsules increase rate of RBC generation and enhance capacity of blood to carry oxygen and nutrition in higher amount. These remove general debility and fatigue and improve stamina and strength in no time. The herbs used in these capsules are wonderful for improving spleen functions and also rejuvenate slow and sluggish liver. These keep blood free of toxins and enhance its smooth flow to provide optimum nutrition to each and every organ of the body. Some of the herbs used in Herboglobin capsules supplement antioxidants which open blocked blood vessels and maintain supply of nutrition and oxygen evenly all over the body.

Using Herboglobin capsules is easy. You need to consume one or two pills with water or milk twice in a day once in the morning and once in the evening. These capsules do not contain any artificial or synthetic material and are completely free of side effects. These capsules not only provide wonderful herbal treatment for anemia but also work as effective supplements to maintain energy and stamina and curb problem of low hemoglobin. Herbal treatment for low hemoglobin count provided by Herboglobin capsules curbs stress, anxiety and shortness of breath as well. These possess herbs which improve respiratory system and improve its functions. Since these are purely herbal preparation so one does not have to worry about side effects and can be taken without any prescription. These are safe for men and women of all ages.

Anemia Herbal Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Herboglobin capsules?

    These capsules possess wide range of herbs which can handle all the aspects of the problem. These capsules enhance hemoglobin, purify blood, prevent damages to cells and tissues of the body and improve blood flow all over the body to cure the problem of low hemoglobin or anemia completely in person of any age. The ingredients of these capsules are - Kesar, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Godanti Hadtal, Lauh Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma, Taj, Kahu, Safed Musli, Gajwan, Jav, Aloe Vera, Long and Hirabol.

  • How to use Herboglobin capsules to obtain maximum benefits?

    These capsules do not need any specific dietary or exercising regimen. Mere intake of these capsules is enough to eradicate the problem completely. Consume one or two pills of these capsules twice in a day regularly for 3 to 4 months to gain maximum benefits.

  • Are Herboglobin capsules safe to use?

    These capsules possess herbs in their purest form. These do not contain any artificial or synthetic material and utmost care is taken while making these capsules to prevent all sorts of contaminations and impurities. These are completely safe for prolonged use and suitable for person of any age.

  • How long do I need to use Herboglobin capsules to get permanent results?

    These are fast-acting pills but one should use them for at least 3 to 4 months. The duration in results vary because of different health conditions and severity of the problem in each person.

  • Other than increasing hemoglobin, what other benefits can I expect by using these capsules?

    One can gain higher immunity and slow aging process. These enhance bone density and muscle mass and also strengthen slow, weak and sluggish organs of the body. These remove blockages in blood vessels and also lower toxicity level of the body. These pills improve digestion and enhance assimilation of nutrients in the body. The effects of these pills on overall vitality and vigor of a person is immense. These provide calm and relaxed mind and keep mental disorders like stress, anxiety and depression away. These are also boon for improving reproductive functions and relieve menstrual problems in females like irregular periods, scanty periods and painful periods effectively.


Herboglobin capsules are fast-acting and very effective herbal supplements for enhancing level of hemoglobin in males and females of all ages. Hemoglobin is present in red blood cells, these carry oxygen and nutrition to cells of the body. If these are in lesser number blood's nutrition and oxygen carrying capacities are low which depletes energy of organs and reduce cell reproduction. This can also cause problems like breathlessness, shortness of breath and suffocation. If left untreated low level of hemoglobin can be very harmful for health and vitality of a person and raise many other types of disorders like poor emotional health, mental performance and immunity.

Herboglobin capsules possess herbal ingredients which supplement iron in bio-available form; this mineral is absolutely vital for increasing RBCs in blood and level of hemoglobin. Quick and smooth absorption of iron in body elevates hemoglobin and improve nutritional and oxygen supply to cells. These capsules also possess herbal ingredients which enhance flow of blood in the body by opening blockages in blood vessels so that each and every cell of the body gets optimum nutrition and oxygen.

Herbs present in these capsules curb activities of free-radicals which destroy blood cells and cause anemia. These supplement anti-oxidants and curb free-radical mechanism effectively. These capsules also keep blood purified and free of toxins. These enhance liver functions and improve excretion off waste matter from digestive tract to lower toxicity level in the body. Major ingredients of Herboglobin capsules are:


Kesar: This is highly nutritive herb which supplements volatile compounds, non-volatile compounds, vitamin A and folic acid. It is also source of minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese and calcium. It enhances blood flow and promotes mental relaxation. This stimulates secretion of hormones which distribute energy all over the body.


Lauh: This herb supplements iron in bio-available form. The iron obtained from this herb gets absorbed in the body smoothly and completely and enhances level of hemoglobin. This herb is excellent for curing anemia and energizes all the organs of the body.


Shilajit: One of the richest sources of nutrients in bio-available form. This is excellent herb for enhancing vitality and strength, for gaining optimum mental health and virility. This herb can revitalize entire systems of the body to provide age-defying strength and stamina. This is wonderful herb to cure anemia and anorexia and increasing muscle mass and bone density. This is rich source of antioxidants and prevents aging of tissues and organs of the body.


Ashwagandha: This herb revitalizes all the organs, enhances level of hemoglobin, increases number of RBCs and promotes healthy hormonal balance. This is potent immunity booster and also enhances liver functions to lower toxicity level. This is rich source of anti-oxidants and delays aging.

Godanti Hadtal

Godanti Hadtal: This herb enhances immunity, digestive functions, supply of nutrients and prevents activities of microorganisms in the body. It enhances nutritional supply to muscles and bones of the body and supplement calcium in bio-available form to increase bone tissue growth and bone marrow.