Irregular Period Herbal Treatment

Irregular Period Herbal Treatment

Irregular period Herbal Treatment, Oligomenorrhea Remedies

Menstrual cycle is a mark of reproductive age in woman, starting from the age between 10-16 years. They experience regular menstrual cycle after a period of 28 days till the age of 45-55 years. During this female egg is ready and capable of producing her offspring. At the start of menstrual cycle for initial 2 years young girl can experience fluctuations in the duration between two cycles as well as amount of bleeding, but in some cases at a later age woman starts to experience change in the duration between two cycles. When there is a gap of more than 35 days between two cycles it is classified as Oligomenorrhea. Sometimes gap stretches so much that a woman experience less than 6 periods in a year compared to 12 to 13 in a year. Oligomenorrhea treatment is very necessary to protect woman's health, fertility and mental composure.

During menstrual cycle women sheds the lining over Uterus walls through bleeding which is passed out through vagina. This is a process which prepares a female fetus to fertilize egg and allow a new creature to produce. In case of woman facing Oligomenorrhea, the resting phase between two periods span more than 35 days, which causes lesser number of menses every year. This affects female fertility drastically. But more than that it is also a symptom of poor health and disturbed hormonal balance.

Proper and effective oligomenorrhea treatment not only regularize arrival of periods but also treat causes of the problem by bringing back healthy hormonal secretion and hormonal balance. Woman suffering with Oligomenorrhea also face problems like scanty menses or profuse bleeding during periods, cramps or pain a week before date of menstrual cycle. Effective Oligomenorrhea treatment calms down these symptoms too by improving functioning of female reproductive system.

Oligomenorrhea not only reduce chances of conception but also affect a woman's love life adversely. Due to troubling symptoms of the problem she loses her interest in lovemaking considerably. Some women experience severe pain during lovemaking or bleeding after lovemaking. All these issues wipe off romance from married life and not only reduce chances of conceiving but also strain relationship with partner and make her mentally frustrated and depressed.

Irregular period herbal treatment is safe and highly effective treatment which relieves all the troubling symptoms of the problem and resolves the issue completely without causing any side effects. There are many herbs which have been used since time immemorial to eradicate problems of female reproductive system and even today these herbs are most trustworthy and safe. Lifestyle changes, dietary control and herbs work as most effective Oligomenorrhea treatment which is safe for women of all ages.

Today use of Gynecure capsules as irregular period treatment is practiced widely to gain quick relief and effective cure. These capsules are purely herbal preparations and possess wide range of herbs in right dosage and proper combination to deliver wonderful results in a short time. Gynecure capsules contain herbal ingredients like Lodhra, Ashok, Shwetbeej, Kasani, Supari, Morpankhi, Pataltumbi, Samudraphal, Menphal, Tapasvini, Mochras, Kandhera, Eshkpencha, Putrajeeva, Pipal, Sutrapushpa, Kut, Putrakanda, Hirabol, Shivlingi, Ketasi, Davada, Nagkesar, Dharaphal, Kesar, Tejpatra and Kachnar. With each capsule woman gets benefit of all these magical herbs. These herbs collectively cast many positive changes and initiate slow or absent processes in female reproductive system to resolve the problem of Oligomenorrhea.

Regular intake of Gynecure capsules improve amount of blood and oxygen carrying capacities. These herbs increase flow of blood in female reproductive organs and promote higher cell generation and improve health of organs. The herbal ingredients of Gynecure capsules bring back normal hormonal balance and elevate secretion of estrogen hormone which is vital for healthy functioning of female reproductive system. This hormone regularizes menstrual cycle and also stops excessive or scanty bleeding. Gynecure capsules remove deficiencies and nourish entire female body to maintain healthy functioning of organs. It also relieve pain and cramps prior to periods. Gynecure capsules provide most effective, safe and quick irregular period treatment and its good effect stays with a woman for longer period in her life.

The herbal ingredients of these capsules also promote sound sleep and provide mental relaxation which keeps a woman mentally calm and collected. These capsules are also very useful for preventing problems related to genital tract and other problems like vaginal infections and leucorrhea. One needs to consume Gynecure capsules regularly for a substantial period. Consumption of leafy vegetables and whole grains are recommended to gain quick and long lasting relief from Oligomenorrhea.

Gynecure capsules can be used by woman of any age as these are completely free of side effects, these do not need any prescription before use. As menstrual disorders and iron deficiency are interlinked so it is strongly suggested to take iron supplements along with oligomenorrhea treatment to regulate periods. Feroplex iron supplements when taken along with Gynecure capsules will not only help in regulating menstrual cycle but these capsules are also useful in improving energy level in women.

Oligomenorrhea Herbal Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Gynecure capsules?

    Gynecure capsules possess highly effective ingredients which can provide all round beneficial results to cure menstrual irregularities and enhance a female's fertility and libido. The herbal ingredients of Gynecure capsules are - Lodhra, Samudraphal, Kasani, Kesar, Nag Kesar, Ashoka, Menphal, Pataltumbi, Kamal, Supari, Morpankhi, Eshkpencha, Kachnar, Shwetbhi, Putrajiva, Putrakanda, Tapasvini, Mochras, Hirabol, Pipal, Sutrapushpa, Shivlingi, Davada, Ketasi, Dharaphal and Tejpatra.

  • How to use Gynecure capsules to obtain maximum benefits?

    Gynecure capsules easy to use just take one pill twice in a day with plain water or milk regularly for 3 to 4 months to gain maximum benefits. These pills are highly effective and do not require any other dietary or exercising regimen to show their wonderful effects.

  • Are Gynecure capsules safe to use?

    These capsules are purely herbal and cast no side effects even after prolonged use; women of all ages can use these pills to keep menstrual problems away for any duration without fearing any ill-effects on health.

  • How long do I need to use Gynecure capsules to get permanent results?

    Every woman has different level of severity of the problem hence it is advisable that one should use these pills at least for 3 to 4 months regularly to eradicate disorders hindering smooth menstrual cycle completely.

  • Other than regular menstruation, what other benefits can I expect by using these capsules?

    These herbal supplements provide wide ranging benefits. These curb painful, irregular periods and scanty or too much flowing periods and also enhance energy and vitality of a woman. These provide much better mental and emotional health and prevent mood swings and irritated behavior. These capsules enhance fertility and also desire to make love; these not only improve a female's libido but make her active and enthusiastic in bed by promoting higher sensation and pleasure. These keep body's toxicity level low and harmful compounds out of the system to maintain optimum health and energy. These are excellent for improving looks of skin and its tone as well to make woman appear younger than her age.


Gynecure capsules are herbal preparations designed to alleviate problems of irregular menstruation in woman. Irregularities in menstruation are symptoms of underlying weaknesses in female reproductive system and also debility in organs; these also signify poor hormonal secretion or hormonal imbalance. Women along with delayed, scanty or too much flowing periods also face problems like cramps and pain during or before start of menses which make their life miserable.

Reduced desire for lovemaking, mood swings and irritated behavior are other problems associated with irregular periods. Gynecure capsules are perfectly safe and highly effective herbal supplements which can handle the problem occurring due to any reasons and also in women of all ages. These herbal supplements are so effective that woman who is approaching menopause also gains immense relief from ill-effects of fluctuating hormonal levels and lesser hormonal secretion.

Periods signify fertility of a woman; the days of bleeding are due to shedding of dead uterus lining which brings fresh layer over uterus for eggs to fertilize. When this layer is shed it accompanies blood and skin tissues. Women suffering with anemia also face problems related to menstruation and may skip one or two periods every year due to delay in cycles. Gynecure capsules have been designed to treat root causes of the problem and also curb troubling symptoms to bring a woman out of misery completely.

These also increase her libido and infuse keen desire for lovemaking. The health improving effects of these herbal supplements make woman capable of enjoying her bedtime activities with enthusiasm and pleasure at any age. Irregularities in periods are hazardous for a woman's fertility. These can prevent conception and cause miscarriages; use of Gynecure prevents such occurrences and enhances a woman's fertility and child-producing abilities effectively. Major ingredients of Gynecure capsules are:


Lodhara: This herb is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial, anti-diabetic and most effective blood purifier. It is source of alkaloids, Glycosides and phytoesterol and work as potent anti-depressant, prevents abdominal pains, curb body-aches and work as expectorant. Its cooling and digestion improving properties enhance a female's energy levels considerably.


Ashoka: This is highly effective and age-old remedy for curing menstrual disorders; it is most effective in curbing heavily flowing periods and regulates arrival of menses. It is powerful anti-inflammatory and curbs other diseases like asthma, arthritis, excessive uterine contractions and prevents microbial infections.


Kasani: This herb supplements anti-oxidants and delay process of aging. It is potent remedy to enhance liver functions and keep blood purified and fat and protein metabolism upbeat to keep energy levels higher.


Samudraphal: This herb is rich source of energy producing nutrients like proteins, low density fat and saponins. It is very effective blood purifier and removes toxins, chemical and all sorts of impurities from blood to keep organs energized and stronger.


Kesar: This is trusted herb for boosting-up energy levels, removing deficiencies, curbing hormonal fluctuations, enhancing blood flow and curing anemia by boosting-up blood's nutrient carrying capacities. This is aphrodisiac and strengthens reproductive organs effectively.