Natural Breast Massage Oil

Natural Breast Massage Oil

Natural Breast Massage Oil, Herbal Anti Sagging Breast Oil

Many of the women suffer with saggy, loose, and under-grown breasts. The psychological effect of this condition is so high that women do not even hesitate in taking up troublesome and painful surgeries and implants to gain fuller and attractive bust-line. It is not that women who have not experienced optimum growth of busts during their growing years face problem of small one, even those who once had fully grown-up can suffer with sagginess and looseness at later age. Whatever may be the case, for any woman it is simply unacceptable to have less attractive and pliable busts at any age. It is not that every woman would take up expensive ways and treatments to gain attractive bosom but everyone would like to have one that is within limits. Today herbal anti sagging oil have made it possible for every women to gain fuller, tighter and firmer bosom without undergoing any risky, expensive or painful treatment.

Young girls, who have delayed menarche or have irregular periods after achieving menarche for more than couple of years, generally suffer with under-grown busts. Girls suffering with the poor health condition, any debilitating disease or have been under-nourished also have under-grown bosom. Such girls in the past would have used either implants or surgeries as the only ways to get rid of embarrassing bust-line. But these days with advancement in technology and medical science, experts have been able to design safe and highly effective natural breast massage oil which works wonderfully for providing fuller and shapely bust to girls who suffered with poor growth at young age.

Woman bosom comprises of milk glands, ducts, tissues and fat. These do not contain any bone or muscle. The fat deposition in the female chest determine its size, this deposition takes place when a girl starts achieving puberty. Girls having lesser fat deposition during growing years suffer with smaller busts. Women having fully grown-up bosoms at later age can lose their firmness which allows them to sag and appear smaller and absurd. This largely happens due to shrinkage of milk ducts which get enlarged after childbirth and deplete when mother stops breastfeeding. Also, at later age women have less fat deposition than at growing age;this reduces bust size as well. Other reason, the cell generation and tissue enlargement, make the female chest to become softer and saggy.

Women also have wrinkles and deep lines on the skin of bosom which further deteriorate their appearance and looks. Herbal anti sagging oil resolve all these issues safely and in a short time bring back attraction and fullness in a woman's bust. Massages are well known for improving cell generation and nourishment, when busts of a woman are massaged with natural massage oil the ingredients of this oil penetrate the skin and affect the internal parts to improve size and firmness in a short time. Not all breast massage oils are safe and effective, amongst all the oils available today, Big B-36 natural breast massage oil provides the most trusted and dependable treatment.

This oil contains herbs in their pure form and do not contain any synthetic or artificial substance. This oil due to its herbal composition is perfectly safe and suitable for women of all ages. Big B-36 oil comes loaded with highly effective herbs like Gambhiri, Margach, Semala, Shivan, Kashmiri, Kumil, Mahakusumika, Gumar, Triparni and Sarvatobhadra. These herbs are blended with a scientifically derived formula and developed in the form of oil. When this oil is massaged over busts the herbal ingredients show their wonderful effects and provide desired results in a short time. The herbal ingredients of this oil are wonderfully effective in treating sagginess and pliability and make it work as potent herbal anti sagging oil.

The massages with Big B-36 natural improve blood flow and stimulate fat deposition. Higher blood flow promotes higher cell generation which strengthens tissues of the region. Higher fat deposition increases cup size and make them fuller, bouncy and firm. Big B-36 oil strengthens adipose tissue which runs under the female chest, to provide support and to maintain them at erect position. This tissue gets weak which allows bosom to sag and hang like loose balls. Massages with Big B-36 oil strengthens adipose tissue to cure sagginess and work as effective herbal anti sagging oil.

In a short duration of use women can experience growth in their cup size and immense improvement in firmness of their chest. This oil also improves texture and smoothness of bust skin and removes blemishes, lines and wrinkles. This oil provides deep cleavage and shapely bosom which enhances woman's attraction and beauty. The herbal ingredients of this oil are mild on skin and do not cause any rashes or irritation even in those who have sensitive skin. One can use this oil without any medical prescription and for prolonged duration without worrying about side effects.

Herbal Anti Sagging Breast Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Big B-36 oil?

    Big B-36 oil possesses herbs which are wide ranging and handle the problem of soft and saggy, under-grown and tender busts very effectively in women of all ages. This oil is capable of reversing ill-effects of poor hormonal secretion during growing years and also at later age during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menopause. This oil can also reverse effects of shrinkage of milk ducts after lactation period is over which causes softer and saggy busts. The ingredient list of Big B-36 oil goes as - Gambhari, Triparni, Sarvatobhadra, Gamul, Mahakusumika, Shivan, Kashmiri, Margach, Semala and Kumil.

  • How to use Big B-36 oil to obtain maximum benefits?

    Take Big B-36 oil and apply over each breast using your palms, massage them by making circular motions and also massage upper area of the chest. Slide you hand from below the breasts upwards lifting breasts with them, repeat few times, and perform massage for 15-20 minutes regularly every day.

  • Is Big B-36 oil safe to use?

    Big B-36 oil contains herbs which are known for not causing any sort of side effects even after prolonged use. These do not contain any synthetic or harmful material and is safe even for sensitive skin. On regular use this oil along with improvement in breast size also tones and firms them and provides softer, suppler and shinier skin.

  • How long do I need to use Big B-36 oil to get permanent results?

    Every woman has different level of problem and also health condition. Though Big B-36 oil is well-known for showing its wonderful results in a short time yet it is advisable that one should use it regularly for at least 3 to 4 months to gain maximum benefits.

  • Other than breast enhancing effects, what other benefits can I expect by using this oil?

    One can expect bigger, firmer and fuller breasts with younger and fresh looking skin. This oil removes wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and promotes skin tightness, even tone and softer skin; it provides deep cleavage and bouncy breasts to make a woman feel and appear much younger and charming. This oil enhances sensation in this erogenous zone of woman and makes her feel desirable and younger from inside. This oil also prevents cysts, cracked nipples and painful lumps, etc. very effectively and keeps a woman's bosom healthy and attractive for longer period in life.


Big B-36 oil is herbal supplement which has been designed to tone and grow saggy and soft breasts; this oil also enhances size of under-grown or under-developed busts and gives a woman rich and prominent bosom to enhance her figure's charm and attraction. Many women suffer with lose skin and wrinkles over their bosom. Massages with this oil are excellent for curing looseness of skin and removing fine lines, wrinkles and skin folds. This oil is very beneficial for removing dark spots and age-marks which make a woman feel embarrassed while wearing deep neck lines or swimsuits. Regular massages with this oil provide even skin tone and even shinier and suppler skin.

Women lose their firmness and tightness due to changing hormonal levels at later age; pregnancy and lactation are other major reasons of softer and tender busts. But in many cases woman do not gain optimum growth during their growing years and have under-developed busts. This oil can handle the problem in woman of any age suffering with smaller, softer and saggy busts due to any reason. This oil enhances fat deposition in the region and only in this region not at any other part of the body. Enlargement of fatty tissues and growth of new tissues make busts fuller and grow them in size considerably.

Big B-36 oil also strengthens tissues of the region particularly adipose tissues which run under the busts and keep them lifted. Weakness in this tissue allows busts to sag; when this tissue is stronger busts are lifted and pointed outwards to give woman a deep cleavage and bouncy busts with perfect figure. Massages with this oil can prevent and reverse ill-effects of hormonal changes and fluctuations, poor nutrition, medication, unhealthy lifestyle, age and treatments etc. Major ingredients of this oil are:


Triparni: This herb is source of nutrients and age-old remedy for tissue strengthening. It is carminative, rejuvenating, restoring, anti-inflammatory and very powerful antipyretic.


Mahakusumika: This herb is trusted remedy for enhancing breast milk production in lactating mothers when used internally and provides immense breast toning and firming effects on massage.


Sarvatobhadra: This is excellent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and highly effective herb for improving skin's health. This prevents skin disorders like acne and other sorts of infections and helps in improving skin tone, removing marks and spots effectively.


Shivan: Another herb given internally to enhance breast functions and milk production and when used externally tones and firms busts. It enhances flow of blood strengthens tissues and supplies nutrients to enlarge tissues and promote cell generation in the region. Very good for skin, open-up pores and prevents skin disorders and removes melanin deposition.


Gambhari: This herb has proven breast size increasing and firming effects, improve their fullness and enhance shine and texture of skin.

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