Topical Penis Erection Oil

Herbal Topical Erection Oil

Topical Penis Erection Oil for Male Sexual Pleasure and Stamina

Males gain erection due to hydraulic effect of blood. When brain senses any exciting condition or nerves in male genital region feel any sensation nerves pass signal to brain which in turn rushes blood towards male genital region. This blood is absorbed by the tissues located in penile shaft. After absorbing blood these tissues grow stiff and bigger. The growth in size of tissues and stiffness causes erection in male organ. Once males gain erection the nerves over their reproductive organ maintain arousal for longer duration thereby prolonging duration of erection.

When male ejaculates the blood starts receding from tissues and male organ becomes lethargic. As long as blood stays in tissues male maintains stiffness and is able to penetrate a woman and make intense love. Before and during erection male body supplies energy to reproductive system to maintain its performance, even during normal state male body keeps flow of energy higher towards male genital region to keep nerves active and responsive and also maintain optimum nutritional and oxygen supply to keep tissues stronger and healthier.

Testicles in male genital region produce sperms and also secrete testosterone hormone, prostate gland produces large of part of seminal fluids. The fluid and sperms are mixed and male ejaculates these as semen to impregnate a woman and also to gain waves of sensation. Testosterone hormone secreted in testicles draws energy flow and keeps entire reproductive system nourished and active, lesser amount of this hormone causes sluggishness and slowness in performance of reproductive system. Topical penis erection oil maintains these functions of male reproductive system for longer period in life and treats the problems which hinder this process.

Millions of males all over the world are not satisfied with quality and duration of stiffness in their organ. The reasons behind this problem are many. These vary from physical to mental problems and issues related to diet and lifestyle. Males suffering with low testosterone secretion, having slow and poor blood flow towards genital region, suffering with weakness in tissues, possess lethargic nerves and have problems like enlarged prostate gland or obstructions in urinary canal are unable to gain optimum stiffness on arousal and also may not maintain it for sufficient duration.

Topical penis erection oil can address all these problems and provide relief in a short time. Males in habit of drinking alcohol, using drugs, leading lethargic lifestyle and consuming medicines which increase toxicity or alter hormonal balance are easy victims of ED or erectile dysfunction. Bad habits like excessive hand practice, coition, etc. also strain reproductive system and males it lethargic. Topical erection oil possesses herbal ingredients which seep through skin and affect internal organs to alleviate condition of ED safely and effectively.

Saffron M Power oil is highly beneficial and effective herbal oil for male sexual pleasure and stamina. This oil possesses herbs which have proven track record of their efficacy in treating disorders related to male reproductive system. The herbal ingredients of this oil are Jaitun oil, Dalchini oil, Buleylu oil, Jaiphal oil, Kalonji oil, Ashwagandha, Arloo, Kesar, Jawadi Kasturi, Sheetal Chini and Kali Mirch. This topical penis erection oil on regular massage repair damaged nerves of male reproductive system so that male gets intensely aroused on slight persuasion by gaining higher sensation, repaired and healthy nerves of male organ also maintain stiffness for longer duration by keeping sensation higher during lovemaking. Oils used in this herbal oil for male sexual pleasure and stamina are highly efficient in increasing nerve functions and energizing and strengthening them for causing optimum stiffness for longer duration.

Herbs like Kesar, Arloo, Ashwagandha and Jawadi Kasturi strengthen tissues of male organ, improve testicular functions, promote secretion of testosterone hormone and cure problems like blockages in urinary canal or enlarged prostate gland. All these benefits not only improve quality of erections but also hold them for longer duration; these benefits also improve volume of semen and enhance potency of a male. Regular massage with this herbal oil promote quick and rock hard erections, delay male's ejaculation, reduce recovery time between two erections and increase semen volume. Herbal oil for male sexual pleasure and stamina make a male capable of providing mind-blowing climaxes to female partner and also increase a male's interest in lovemaking by increasing sensation and pleasure.

Supplementing oil with Saffron M Power capsules on regular basis brings even better results. These capsules elevate male's energy, secretion of testosterone hormone, energize nerves and increase nutritional support to reproductive system. Saffron M Power capsules can be taken twice in a day after breakfast and dinner with water to gain optimum energy and stamina and rock hard erections. Use topical penis erection oil twice in a day, take 8 to 10 drops of this oil and massage on regular basis. In combination these herbal supplements cure problems like ED, PE and low libido and make a male keener and desirable lover in bed. These supplements also improve a male's potency and virility. Due to herbal nature these supplements are completely free of side effects.

Saffron M Power Oil

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the ingredients of Saffron M power oil?

    Saffron M power oil comes loaded with herbs and herbal oils, herbal oils present in Saffron M power are Dalchini, Jaiphal, Buleylu, Zaitun and Kapur. Along with these oils this also contains powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Arloo, Kesar, Jawadi kasturi, Kali mirch and Kalonji.

  • How to use Saffron M power oil to obtain maximum benefits?

    Saffron M power oil is simple to use, take 10-15 drops of this oil and massage reproductive organ from bottom to top few times. Also massage entire groin area later and repeat twice in a day, perform these massages once in the morning and later in the evening. The good results show up right from day one. Perform massages regularly for 3-4 months to gain maximum benefits.

  • Is Saffron M power oil safe to use?

    Saffron M power oil contains pure herbs and herbal oils in purest form. This does not contain any synthetic material and is safe even for sensitive skin. Even on regular use it does not cast any side effects neither it causes any rashes or irritation. It is fit to be used by male of any age for prolonged duration.

  • How long do I need to use Saffron M power oil to get permanent results?

    This oil can show its wonderful benefits from day one, but it is recommended that to gain maximum benefits and long-lasting results one should use it for at least 3-4 months. Good results can be maintained easily by leading healthy lifestyle and staying away from activities and habits which strain reproductive system unnecessarily.

  • Other than curing ED and low libido, what other benefits can I expect by using these capsules?

    This oil cures problems like PE and low semen volume. It also works well to relieve disorders like wet dreams and excessive precum by stimulating nerve functions and curing enlarged prostate gland. This oil removes blockages from blood vessels and also improve urinary disorders in a short time.


Males having lethargic and slow functioning nerves in their genital region do not gain optimum arousals and neither they are able to gain sensation during lovemaking. This problem can cause poor, soft and weak erections, short term erections, lesser intensity of lovemaking and even loss of stiffness before ejaculation. These problems over a period of time make a male less interested in lovemaking and further harm his reproductive system and its functions. There are numerous causes which can cause slowness in nerves and poor health of tissues to raise problem of low libido, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in males.

Poor diet, poor health, physical disorders, treatments, unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits like alcohol, tobacco, drug use, excessive hand practice and coition are few to name. Saffron M power oil has been designed and developed to address all the known and unknown causes of low libido and sexual disorders in males. This oil provides keen desire to make love, promote powerful erections and intense arousals. This oil also alleviates problem of PE and low semen volume effectively.

Massages since old times have been used to relax blood vessels to promote blood flow, strengthen tissues and stimulate nerve functions. When massages are done by using Saffron M power oil these become even more effective and provide good results. The herbal ingredients of this oil strengthen and activate nerves of male organ to provide higher sensation, males gaining intense sensation get aroused on slight persuasion and gain stiffness in the organ. Improved nerve functions also delay ejaculation and allow male to make intense love for longer duration. Regular massage with this oil improves testicular functions, calm down enlarged prostate gland and increase semen volume. The herbal ingredients of Saffron M power oil strengthen tissues and relax blood vessels to promote higher blood flow and keep reproductive organs energized and healthy. This oil counters ill-effects of ageing on reproductive functions and improves them considerably. Major herbs used in this oil are -

Dalchini oil

Dalchini oil - This oil is excellent for improving and energizing nerves, it seeps through skin pores and alleviate weaknesses and debilities. Improved nerve functions enhance sensation and maintain intensity during lovemaking by increasing pleasure. Active nerves also delay ejaculation by keeping semen locked and compound male’s duration.


Ashwagandha - This herb is included in this oil to strengthen tissues and diffuse swellings and inflammations. Due to weaknesses, poor blood flow and deficiencies males suffer with weak and fragile tissues which are unable to hold blood and maintain erection on arousal.

Zaitun oil

Zaitun oil - This oil too possesses wonderful properties to strengthen nerves and tissues of genital region. This oil relaxes blood vessels and allows smooth flow of blood. Relaxed blood vessels maintain healthy blood flow during normal state and higher flow during arousals.


Kesar - This herb is excellent and popular for enhancing blood flow, higher blood flow brings more nutrition and oxygen for cells and allow them to regenerate at faster rate. Healthy tissues absorb more blood on arousal and get bigger and stiffer to promote rock hard erections in a flash.

Kali mirch - This is a spice which has qualities o f herb; it expels toxins and keep region free of bacteria and fungus, and also cleanses blood and diffuse swelling.

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